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Fleas are non existent which is awesome, however the weed mats have taken over. Quantity of silvers dropped this week but bigger fish started to hit with one super fish at 29 inches. Still many small stocked browns are keeping riggers busy. Core was dead and 200 copper fired a few but it was high rigger that was taking quality, 40 and above was key. And bigger ones we lost in the cooper again. No secret,  graph says it all where temp is.....current, that's another story. As always, find that first one, reduce the spread and circle. Bait still sparse.




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Believe it or not , no show......I had a double on.....smallmouth on the main and the big bow on the slider......they were fighting each other, I didn’t know what was going on. Some major runs though.....I saw the smallmouth, and thought to myself, your nice, but damn strong for a smallmouth......then a huge flash of silver underneath and gone they both went again.......I landed the smallmouth by hand, trying to take the hooks out while the big bow was going crazy yanking on me and the bass.....lucky I didn’t loose it.......she buried the spoon and it was in her gills....that might have kept her from getting airborne especially when the bass was yanking on her too. Crazy but that’s what makes a great experience and a crazy story!

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