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Jetsled report - Oswego...

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Up for annual fishing trip in Oswego.  Slow pic today as all fish came before 12 noon.  1 here, 1 there.  Afternoon bite was non-existent for us.  Started in 300, slow worked out to 650.  Some boats out, but everyone quickly spread out and disappeared.  Probe at 85 feet was 44*, parked everything else from 55 - 85 feet.  Didn't mark much fish or bait, but got 7 keepers.  Stud fly, Stud cut bait on 2 face spinny & 1 on Seneca special spinny with green/gold fly.  Couldn't buy a spoon bite.  FishHawk speed 2.3 - 2.5

NE wind in the morning then south wind, then back to NE wind with 1-2 foot chop.  Friday another day for round 2.....









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Sunday was slow, only 1/2 day.  Only 1 fish on flasher/fly on dipsy diver .  Nothing on meat.  I believe we were going to too slow on down speed and/or not deep enough.  Still learning Fish Hawk.  250 - 350 fow & down 55 was 45* water.  Should of spread lures out more into the 42* water column.  Never really mark any fish either, bait pods yes, but fish hardly.  Factory default setting on Fish Hawk.  Got some at 2.3-2.4 on thursday, so we targeted that speed, but i believe we were going to slow.  We did get 1 fish at 2.8 thou.  Down Speed was constantly changing for us.  Small errors added up = lost fish.  NE wind, then SE, then South wind blew in some cold water this past weekend.  Noted boat action everyday, by late morning everyone was spread out.  Learning every time i got for salmon.  Looking forward to next trip!!!



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