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Where do you intend to fish? What kind and size of baits are you going to run? If you are going to fish the St Lawrence around Lake Ontario and Clayton, NY I'd say the advice above is good. Use mono as backing under the braid on your reels.  If you are fishing elsewhere, my advice may be different.  I use a few different types of trolling set ups depending on time of year, where I'm fishing, and what size/style baits I'm pulling.

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Back them with cheap 50lb mono and then put on 150 yards of braid or so.  You are never going to need 450 ft of braid musky fishing and thatll give u enough line to cut away frayed line or turn around on snags.  Large spooled reels are your best choice for the torque.  You are going to want it cranking in hard pulling deep diving baits.  Large spooled low gear ratio reels such as okuma 45s or tekota 700s really make cranking in deep divers all day easy.   That being said tekota 600s have been my go to for years.

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