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2019 LOTSA Salmon School Update from Joe Yaeger, Club President

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"Just a quick update on the Salmon School this coming January 18th. As of November 1st over 100 seats have been sold and sales are on the same pace as last year’s sellout by the first week of Dec. Andy, Matt and Pete are working hard on it and have a lot of material to cover. Bringing in Karl and Lance for their specific areas of expertise will even add more value to the offering. Here is a quick video message from the presenters https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdrDbZvdSV0 .


The main purpose of the Salmon School is to provide attendees with the information that they can use to be more successful catching Kings. One of the “Deep Dive” topics this January will be to cover all the “off the water” work leading up to your outing that will allow you to be as successful as possible when you hit the water. As we all know both the lake itself and the Kings are constantly changing. Your last trip may have been great for Kings but just going back to the same spot without doing the “off the water” work may be the wrong move for your next trip. You can’t catch Kings if they aren’t where you are fishing so giving yourself the best chance to fish where they are is critical for a successful outing.


This will include the prep work prior to the trip right up to when you hit the water. It will include the resources to use whether your boat is docked or on a trailer to be able to make the best decisions on where to start out, with what presentation, baits etc. to have the best opportunity for success in your time on the water.


Probably the least obvious benefit but one of the biggest opportunities of attending the Salmon School, is to increase your network of Fishermen.  Having a reliable network of Lake Ontario anglers that you can share information with is one of the most critical components of your “off the water” prep.  With 170 Anglers at the Salmon School all sharing the same passion for Kings that you have, there is not a better opportunity for you to add to your network than this. There are now 12 hours of time around the Salmon School if you are able to attend everything (Friday 2.5 hours State of the Lake and Meet N Greet, Saturday School 8 – 430 and Sunday addition questions 9 – 10) where you have the opportunity to build your network.


So, if you are thinking about attending, please make up your mind soon while seats are still available. Signup and submit your questions (www.lotsa1.org) so that Pete, Andy and Matt have enough time to work them into their presentation. Please remember the school is being taught for the experienced angler. We don’t plan on spending much time if any on the basics. If we get real basic questions, there are other seminars early on Friday and on Sunday that you can go to for that information.    

We have also been getting some questions on how to get you 3-day pass etc. We will send out specific instructions in early January to each person signed up with everything you will need to know.

LOTSA President – Joe Yaeger"

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