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2020 Great Lakes Salmon Showdown (GLSS)

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Presented this year, a brand new concept for salmon fishing tournaments where fish do not have to be kept and aligns with charters to capitalize on every fish caught by every angler aboard your vessel. Introducing the Great Lakes Salmon Showdown that not only covers Canadian and USA open waters of Lake Ontario, but all of the Great Lakes in one robust tournament event. Here is the breakdown:

When: May 1st through October 31st, 24 hours a day

Where: All open waters of the Great Lakes

Who: 2 Divisions of Entry: Pro Division ($250/boat) for charters/guides, any anglers with fishing related sponsors, and anyone else looking to compete on a higher level.  Am Division ($125/boat) for weekend anglers looking to add some fun competition to their season this year. When you register the boat, anyone fishing on that vessel is automatically included whereby any fish caught during any trip by anyone on board can be entered - this includes all of your clients during charters (no longer do you have to get them all entered in order to compete), and anglers fishing solo. 

What: Your 5 longest salmon (any species) will go towards your team's/boat's total score. Fish are entered via the Fish Donkey App using a bump board for length measurement. 4 pictures are required per entry (app automatically uploads them, adds them to your score, and updates the leaderboard in real time). Fish can then be kept or released. Up-size all season long, only your top-5 longest salmon will automatically be included in your score and rank. Close-up pictures of both the head and tail of each fish are required to prevent multiple entries with the same fish. 

How: Regster via the Fish Donkey App or online at FishDonkey.com.

Payout: 85% cash payout based on number of teams entered in each Division, may be higher based on sponsor backing (15% goes to cover admin and tourney costs). Additional sponsor-based awards (TBA). 

Sponsors: Already secured: Okuma, Plano, Frabill, Koyote Ugly Spoons. 


Full details, rules & regs, and registration can be found at: 

Pro Division: https://tourney.fishdonkey.com/#/tournament/2287/details

Am Division: https://tourney.fishdonkey.com/#/tournament/2564/details


The Fish Donkey platform is a solid, tested tourney platform that many events are moving onto. While we realize many areas have different regulations currently governing fishing, this event will have open registration throughout the event so that once the restrictions are lifted and anglers can fish to their capacity (charters in particular), you can get registered and compete (boat/team must be entered the day before your fish can be entered). If other team events are allowed to occur this year, there is a special "Other Tourney" protocol in place so that no-communication rules can be adhered to and fish caught during these events can be entered.


No longer do you need to stop fishing to run a fish in before the weigh-in stations close, no longer do you need to keep fish that you otherwise would not, no longer do you need to ask and get everyone on board entered. Better for the anglers, better for the fishery. Follow the event on Facebook for updates and announcements. This year we'll see what lake can produce the best 5-salmon scores! 




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