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Sold / Closed Opti Tackle In Line Planer Boards $70 to your door.

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Like a lot of people I've been organizing my stuff. In doing so I found I have way more planer boards that I need, so these are up for sale. 

These are from Opti Tackle. I think they sell for about $25 new. I have 5 of them, 3 right side and 2 left side. These boards came with rear clips that I wasn't crazy about. I changed them out with ones that have the little peg in the middle, if you put the line behind the peg, it keeps the board from coming off the line (see picture below). These boards pull nicely and the tattle flags all work. I get a discount with UPS through my employer so I'm asking $70 shipped to your door. Would prefer PayPal but I'm flexible. 

Thanks for looking. 








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