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Fished yesterday 4/2 out of Sodus east of chute. Couldn't make the morning run but was able to fish 1:30-4:15. Marked 3 major areas of stained water one at alont east breakwall/sandbar area, another near Lake Bluff, and another near Chimeny Bluffs. The hotest area for me was right in front of Lake Bluff although I was marking fish in all 3 areas. 5-9ft was most productive with Suttons and perch J-9's drawing strikes. Caught one school size brown about 3lbs heavily scarred with one fresh lamprey hit but no eels attached. Also had two other strikes but failed to hook-up.....one appeared to be a better fish. Sunny to overcast with wind shifting onshore....thats when fish began cooperating. All in all a fun start to the season. Tight lines to all. We'll see how the weather the next couple of days shakes 'em up. 8)

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