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Fly s with teaser

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Does anyone or has anyone ever run a standard fly rig with teaser's. Basically running a meat rig but instead of the meat head and meat strip using a Fly instead. Just a curious if anyone has had success with this set up. Something to play with on slow days. thanks


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I've been playing around with a standard length fly leader with a single hook snelled 1/2 way town topped with a teaser fly. The rig has out performed the same fly without the teaser. And I've also taken a 3 coho's off the teaser hook this season. I'm running it off a 10" spindoctor rather than 8" to run a longer leader because I had some concerns that the teaser would affect the fly action. 

It was more out of curiosity if adding a teaser would attract more fish and wondering if fish ever decided to try and hit those teasers. Interestingly, this rig has put more lakers onthe boat this spring than any other rig, which isn't what I was expecting. 

I've never ran a full teaser rig ahead of a fly, but I can say for me a single teaser has had some effect. So.. my answer is "maybe".

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