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After taking a month off from Lake Ontario, I decided it was time to get after it again.  A scouting mission after work tonight seemed necessary to try to figure out the pattern.  Found a couple mature fish pretty quickly.  150FOW with baits in the bottom 50’ produced.  I had forgotten just how amazing it is to be out there.B071E772-082E-4609-936D-62CDFC42267D.thumb.jpeg.fa02c52be6a84067b6e86a312d89b2f8.jpeg1B445674-48C1-445C-BAA1-B592002F4A06.thumb.jpeg.54f99d261f924d90addac638f95c5013.jpegE41E1157-1CEE-4AF6-82C7-B7391DE89182.thumb.jpeg.263a5b3a5611af2a41929f8a1f5b4b93.jpeg

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