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Skan 9-5

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Launched mandana ran south to the first major lake point. Don’t know the name. Set out the rods. First time to lake so put out spoons I knew would pull lakers for sure. 40-100 fow down 20-80 but most fish came off the dipsys out 80 and 90 feet. Started off with a few smallies early morning first light. Dipsys out 40 with every spoon we put on them smallies crushed them. Hit the point and decided to check lines on riggers. All rods on riggers had lakers. Lakers were small but I was happy I wasn’t stuck reeling in jumbo lakers all day. Tan across lake and picked up a few more smallies and and lakers. Got one walleye out 75 on dipsy setting 1.


Ended the day with 12 lakers, 8 smallies one nice perch and a 22 inch walleye. I will deff be making another trip to skan! Now I know spoon colors to start with for a more eye approach but the rainbows eluded us. Fished from 6:30 to 10:30. Next trip gonna run further south and try for rainbows on the southern drop off.





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