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Sold / Closed Hijacker trolling spoons holiday sale

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Go check out http://www.hijackerlures.com for our holiday sale running today through December 10th! 

Use the code HIJACKHOLIDAYS at checkout for 20% off any order over 40$

Spoons are super limited production (batches of ~10) and don’t come back into stock for at least a year, if ever, so get em while they’re hot! 

You can also follow along as new designs hit on Instagram @hijackerlures


Thanks for taking a peek!














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Yes, I do that in case you want to use single hooks instead of trebles, as many people do, or different size/material split rings/hooks. 


I’ll consider changing that policy though for sure. 

Appreciate the support and the order very much though zinger! Hope they work as well for you as they have for me! 



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Pm me dirt and I’ll get ya squared away for sure! 

 but for the record, I’m sold out of only 5 patterns: Stapel gun, Holmfry, ultimate warrior, cruisin for a bruisin, and KISS. 

some patterns I am sold out of one size but not the other, so that’s worth paying attention to as well at check out. 


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