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4/26 Hughes late report

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Would've posted earlier, but I haven't seen a computer for awhile.

Sunday morning we got a late start, set-up at 8:30am. Sticks off the boards, and brownie spoons in the riggers 1' down. Worked water east of port, lots of clear water. Finally found some water with the slightest tint to it, temp jumped up a degree, and we hooked up. Stayed on that small pocket of water the rest of the morning, 2 steelies, 5 browns. Usual stickbaits, black and silver, black and gold, and a plain copper stinger got us 2 fish off the riggers. Bonus was 2 perch, and 2 really nice smallies. Off the water by noon.

One of the smallies was 4lbs, biggest one I've ever seen. Must be the goby diet is pretty good!

Weekend (4/18) before was not as good for us. 2 for 3 for the Morning, and we ended up all the way down to Sodus Bay to find the stained water. Temp there was bumping 48.5, and we had all our action right there. Both fish came on dirty white boy stingers in the riggers 1' down, dropped fish on black/gold rapala. Lots of boats out. Glad we all respected each others space fishing that close together.

See you guys on the water.

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