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Been busy and haven’t had the chance to get a report up from Saturday out of Sandy fishing the MCOC.


3rd place finish with a 67.69lb box scoring 117.69 points.


Our confidence off of Sandy during the summertime is in the offshore waters between the pump house and the mouth of the creek. So we went with what we were confident in and got an offshore program going.


26-28N line between 350-500 feet of water with the best water being 390-450. Riggers parked at 103 and 85 with pinned cheaters 10ft above the bottom spoon. Wire slide divers 170-200 took all of our big king bites. Long lines did not get touched all day. Temp 42-44 degrees down 103. Speed was fast 2.8-3.2 down 103. N to S troll was the best direction couldn’t get any bites trolling E or W


Steady action all day. Boated at least 20 fish, had a lot of steelhead in the fun 6-8lb class. We lost two majors that we needed. All spoon bite. Had two meat rigs, and a FF out during the day that never took a poke. Doubles were a common theme including a triple. By far the best spoon was a mag silver streak black fin tuna had that going on the deep rigger and both divers.


We knew we had a decent box especially since the fishing leading up to the tournament was spotty but never would have thought it was a 3rd place box.


Congrats to Rochester SF on the first place finish and Team Legacy on 2nd. Also to all the other winners. This was our first ever team tournament and I can definitely understand the addiction behind it. We exceeded our goal which was just to have fun and try to box 5 fish!


Can’t wait for the shootout and we will definitely be fishing the MCOC again next year!









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