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Newbie worried about fleas

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Hey all, everyone on this sub has been very helpful to me while I try to plan my first Finger Lakes trip for Lakers. I have been checking the forum regularly and as my trip soon approaches (middle-end of July), I have grown increasingly worried about fleas. This was something I was completely in the dark about until a month or so ago when people started mentioning them. We are going to be jigging from kayaks on Cayuga, are they something I should be overly concerned about? Is there a line conditioner or something I can buy to keep them off my line if they are truly going to be a problem? I'd appreciate any and all input.


We will also be fishing for bass in the evenings. Are they going to be a problem there as well?


Thanks again!



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47 minutes ago, Jamesb91891 said:

You don't really have to worry about them while jigging. It's mainly trolling when they become an issue. And I have never encountered them in the areas where you would bass fish. I hope this helps.

Much appreciated man!

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