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I launched my kayak today at 4:15 PM at Sandy Creek in Hamlin. Paddled out to 50 FOW and started letting out a lead core with a Natural Born Killer spoon. A nice brown ate the spoon in 67 FOW, before I got all 10 colors in the water. I fished that depth for a few more minutes and landed 2 small "skipper" kings. I trolled out to 120 FOW with no marks and no bites. I stopped and dropped my Fish Hawk TD and found the thermocline was 50 feet down. I continued out to 140 FOW with no more marks or action. I then went back to 100 FOW and put on a cowbell rig. I picked up 2 lakers in short order. The biggest was 34 inches long and was able to swim back into the deep after being released! I got 1 more skipper king in 75 FOW before heading back to shore before sunset. Not a bad evening.


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