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  1. Out deep the water is more stable less affected by the big blows. When wind comes from different directions it can either pull warm water out or push warm water in. Fish wont feed under those conditions. Plus staging fish now have a different metabolism, you have to piss them off in order to get them to bite!!
  2. Keep going north. you'll start to see bait and marks when you get to 32N
  3. Id stay out of the inside as it has been unstable. The bite has been out at the 32N line and beyond. Just watch the wind and be safe. 80-90 feet has been the best depth out there.
  4. Just one question... Why isn't that Bullfrog in the water
  5. I have a 9.9 Honda kicker and it sips fuel. nice set up
  6. Daughters that fish with their dads are the best!! Its simple, when they want to go fish, you take them! Im fortunate to have an outdoors girl myself... tight lines
  7. You gotta go bigger than 17 lb. 30lb is best if using mono. they will still grab your line just not as thick as you decribed
  8. From what i hear the winds blew warmer water inside and you'll prob have to start your search in at least 300' and go north from there. 27-28 line have been decent. good luck, might see you out there
  9. Ha, i think i saw that same log! we stayed in the 118 - 128 fow range and there was alot of bait and marks. ended up with 4 teenage kings and a few skippers
  10. Are the 10 6 wire rods still available and price?
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