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Wanted Ray marine auto pilot

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I have one that uses the unit under the steering wheel that's been used for 1 week each year for the last 3 or 4 years. it halo has the rudder position sensor for trolling slowly. everything is still mounted in the boat as the boat has damage caused by the top being caught on the top of my overhead door when backing it into the pole barn. if you are interested please message me and we can discuss the price and you removing everything from my old boat so you have an idea of how to install it on your boat. I have the smartpilotX-15 which was over 2000.00 then added the rudder position sensor for a total of around 2700.00. it worked great trolling down to 1.6 on relatively calm days and was still working as it should when it was parked last fall. but most of the time we trolled 1.8 to 2.8 and tried to troll with the waves. we also used trolling bags to slow us down. which made the boat a little difficult to control but the autopilot had no trouble keeping us on course with a few bobbles from big waves.

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