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Fished three days out of Wilson with my brothers. By far the most boats I've ever seen around Wilson in the 5 or 6 years I've been fishing out of there, lots of charter boats. Typically we stay away from the bar to avoid combat but there were enough around Wilson to call it a "mild" combat engagement at times :o

It took us a while to get things going on Thursday but ended the day boating 6 decent fish with my eldest brother having lost a couple of good kings. 5 & 6 color cores were the best performer for us with the braid divers & riggers a distant second. Green spoons, mostly stingers, worked best for us.

Friday was a good day, we boated probably 8 - 10 decent kings, the biggest pushing 18#, and a fair number of smaller kings, coho's and steelies. We started the day with a double and ended with a triple. One of the triple kings jumped over the planer board and then back over it to avoid a major mess :clap:

Saturday we never really got things going before it got sporty and decided to call it.

We never strayed too far from Wilson, 100 - 150 fow was the best water for us. Tons of bait and fish although everything seemed glued to the bottom.




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Yeah, moved to Freeville from Detroit in '77 actually. Liked it so much I decided to stay here after college. Close proximity to just about anything but still far enough away from everything ... if that makes sense.


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