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  1. Any one that had problems with Lowrance knows that Linda Colt was the only one that would fix things right, well Navico stuck there foot in there mouth this time and forced Linda out the door. look at these threads and you can see that lowrance is in big trouble everywhere around the globe there is even post from africa saying things. http://bbcboards.zeroforum.com/zerothre ... nce-navico http://www.tulsaworld.com/sportsextra/a ... atim636995
  2. Paul great video Come on spring!!!
  3. Hb your like a wife that won't quit until we say your right!!! your always right From now on Your right Has Been yep your right!!!!!! What was I thinking Lets move on
  4. Ray I would never do that Sorry Musky wasn't try to start any thing
  5. I agree 100 % with you on spending and where the $$ goes. I fish in 4 states and I'm at the mercy of everyone of them. I'm just saying I respect your opion and you should in turn respect mine and who ever else on this site. Lets just get back to why this site is the best out there.
  6. HB you like to stir the pot don't you Why can't you just state your opinion and be done with it ????????? I think we all know where you stand on this. Lets move on with Life
  7. look down the posts there is a petition already going
  8. The 4000 GPS is supposed to be better made than the 2000 and 3000 they had problems with these 2 units. I would try and get a hold of Lowrance and see if they can give you a better deal on the 4000 GPS. here is a contact that is better than calling the Lowrance # Hope this helps Linda Colt Customer Service Department 12000 East Skelly Drive Tulsa, OK 74128 1-800-324-1356 #8747 Direct line 918-438-8747 Fax 918-234-1745 Email: [email protected]
  9. So my license is going up to $70 from $40 PLUS another $15 on top of that I guess the state only wants residents to fish in New York with that kind of Non resident fee. who can afford to fish the lake. so what will a 1 day license cost $ 40 $ 50 just to fish a day????? Talk about killing the fishery's. They are doing more damage than good with fee's like that.I think there will be a big loss in out of staters when they see this . It's a dam shame. Well one thing is for sure, I don't think we will have to worry about pack fishing this year I have no problem paying what ever it takes but it would be nice to see it go right back the the fishery's and not in some losers pocket
  10. Tom you have a great way of writing things down Great letter My hat goes off to you
  11. Wm Your a good man to say sorry Thanks I appreciate. That is a sore subject but I agree lets get back to the 3 rod rule. I would have a hard time running 9 rods on my boat but it would be nice as glen has said that on slow days those extra rods could turn a dead day into a few more fish day .
  12. I also run heartlands 9.6 I put twills on them but alot of guys run just as they are and the seem to stand up well
  13. WM Everyone is entitled to there own opinion but you can't be serious My licence went up 80 % how you can say Min It just shows how much you have kept up on this whole price increase thing I don't live in New York but I spend a Sh** load of $$ every time I cross the boarder. I buy all of my Lake O lures from local tack shops to keep the mom and Pop shops going I hope your happy with your statement because I think it is a slap in the face to all of us out of staters who treat Lake Ontario as if it was in there backyard and who support any programs that would help the fishery. I'm speaking for my self on this but I have a feeling there will be more of us out of staters to come
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