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  1. It was at dahl's .we were with steve and wayne I think
  2. I was in oswego when hurricane Andrew came thru with gale winds from the west. The coastguard was out in the waves with there boat that rights is self if it goes over it was cool watching them play in the 15+ waves.I was only able to fish for 40 min. before we got blown off the lake for 4 days worst trip ever for getting on the lake.but it was interesting watching what mother nature can do
  3. Dave welcome to the site. Great bunch of guys here
  4. Her is a video from this morning. This is a scary problem for sure http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21134540/vp ...
  5. Good job Chad My little one love breaking them
  6. Bob great video looks like some beautiful country where ever it is.But what a nut job
  7. Stan, I just did the same thing. But when I was done my 11 year old had a smile on her face that was worth it's weight in gold and I would do it again and again to see that Glow of Xmass on her face Talk to me in a couple more years I might be getting in your boat but for now I have to enjoy it as long as I can. Have a merry Xmass. Stan Just think it's almost over
  8. Happy B day Jerry have a few and enjoy the day
  9. That's awesome Rich glad to here it. Good job on the fish also
  10. Great Job as always Chad. Hope you have a great Turkey day
  11. The same goes for me also.I would also like to thank all of our men and women in the military that are here in the states and over seas for doing what they do to make my family and me safe. I hope everyone has a safe Holiday
  12. Rick stay strong, he know you guys are there.Just being near him will give him the strength to pull thru Take care.
  13. Sound like a great Trip Ray congrats on the 11 pointer
  14. As long as you fill the tank up and stabilize the fuel or completely empty the tanks you should be OK. I fill my Lund up and stabilize the fuel and have been doing this now ever since they started putting in ethanol. and it goes in storage from Nov 1 to April. Here in Mass they don't have any non ethanol gas stations. As far as the 1986 motor the fuel lines might be worth changing because the ethanol might eat at them depending how old they are. Your 8 HP should be OK but you might want to check the fuel line on that also.and having a water separator is very important but make sure it has the highest # filter rating on it I can't remember how high it should be Maybe someone will chime in. I'm no expert but this is what I do to my Lund every year Good luck
  15. Rick I hope your Dad is ok. My thoughts are with you and your Family.
  16. Yeah Sure you did I will give you a shout later today I'm off and running now so if not today, I will get a hold of you tomorrow.
  17. Welcome abord to the best site on the lake Here is a site to the olcott area http://olcott-newfane.com/html/accommodations.html Here is a place at the oak http://4csmarina.com/ Here is the at the oak fishing web site that is very helpfull for reports and info also http://www.attheoak.com/index.html good luck
  18. Erbyjoe


    Bob glad you guys were able to make it out .So this means the boat is all set for next year
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