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  1. Thank you to all of our Veterans and men and women in the military. It's people like you that make us safe to live the lives we do. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your families and Be safe
  2. Did My sleds 3 week ago when it was nice out.Still need to start the auger and go thru and replace the leaders on my traps then I'm ready to go.We got rain and snow coming for the next 2 days so it shouldn't be long now
  3. Great read Bob Thanks.I'm not sure if I'm buying a NY non red. license next year. Make one trip then just stay in my area. Lake Champlain has been putting out some nice fish plus it's cheaper and closer to home Less $ out of my pocket.I heard a rumor that they are going to start making us get our trailers inspected to raise more $$ for my state. I also think a salt water licence is in the works too. So much for a cheap Hobie I will still fish New York but not as much I drive over 400 mile one way plus pay for a hotel so it's getting more and more expensive every year. This year wasn't bad but last year with the $$ for gas it cost over $1000 for one trip for me and johnny. It used to be only $ 400 for the 2 of us and that included food.It's getting bad everywhere so I'm lucky I can still fish were I want to. But for how long?I buy 3 non resident licence every year and 1 resident and it keeps getting more and more expensive.But as long as I am employed I will keep doing it It's a shame that they keep hitting the people that put $$ into everyone pocket because they enjoy the outdoors.
  4. The older models didn't have the short stop. They had the white fuse next to the switch that popped out when the ball stopped at the pulley and cause the motor to pop it.I would think that the rigger body it self is aluminum.I believe you would have to convert them to High speed models and it might cost as much as buying new ones. I would call Cannon( Johnson outdoors) they might give you a trade in deal to up grade, who know it's worth a try. I had the older style riggers that you have and up graded them to Mag 20's before Cannon was sold to Johnson outdoors. Good luck
  5. I have a couple of the Kokanee rods and love them. they were $50 each but worth every penny. I am getting 2 more this winter, great action on them and they are very light. great for Browns. They would also be great as steelhead rods in the river with light line.I will post the Rods model # when I get home. I will be using them tomorrow for Landlock salmon in New Hampshire.
  6. Billy have a happy one.Glad to here your back on the big Lake next year
  7. Welcome to the site.You are in a great area for fall fishing from shore and the piers. they also do good all winter long around there. Stop by the Boat Dr and say Hi to jimmy he can point you in the right direction as to where the fish are. Good luck
  8. Rod you should be good to go. I fished the finger lakes when we got blown off of the Big lake in my 16 foot sea nymph for years. Like what has been said watch the wind .Good luck
  9. Eric and rick great job on the 2 nice fish.
  10. Nice report Rick sounds like a great couple of busy days.Love the fire drills.Congrats of the derby fish
  11. Spike, Try running higher in the water column early in the am they will come out of the temp zone when feeding early as the sun come up start fishing the marks and water temp also look for the big fish sitting right on the bottom.don't be afraid to run close to the bottom with one of your rigger's kings like to sit and wait for food.I am by far not an expert but just some thing to try.If you are running a kicker try putting on a control king or some kind of throttle control I did this year and it is awesome I had the same problem couldn't get my speed to where I wanted it I also run a little slower at speeds to 1.8 to 2.0 when running meat and dodgers good luck
  12. Thanks for the update guys. Yankee I'm the same way as you I want the best I can get but I will have to wait I guess to see what happens. thanks again everyone for all of your help I guess I'm going to stay with Verizon for now I hope they do come out with a I phone type phone
  13. Great info guys I appreciate every reply I would love to get the I phone. but am not sure if AT&T is the way to go for me. I have Verizon now and am not that impressed with it's service or there choice of phones. Does Verizon have a phone like the I phone that any one knows of? Thanks again for all of the info and reply's
  14. I'm coming to the end of my 2 years and was thinking of maybe going to another service but want to here from the experts in my field before I do it If you have a phone you like I would also like to here about it.Thanks in advance
  15. My Cannon SNT does the same thing.I have to do the same thing I have a little rag I use wet it and I never lose a signal when it drys out just add water and Bam back in business.I think I need to re crimp the spring connection and it should go away.
  16. Your best bet would be to put a track system down( Berts,Transtex,Cannon) so you could use rod holders, riggers and stuff like that so you only drill the holes you need for the tracks. i put them on this year and it's the best thing I have added to my boat.just make sure you put backing plates under the tracks to give them more support. Good luck
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