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  1. Hang in there Ray.My prayers are with you and your family.
  2. Give Jeff a call at fish307 he would know if it could be fixed http://www.fish307.com
  3. Tom I'm so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
  4. My hat is off to all of those who put there life on the line for my freedom.Thanks you very much
  5. Mr Vince Did you ever fish oswego in the early to mid eighty? If so do you remember Dalhs diner in scriba? he use to open at 4 am for breakfast?
  6. Once you start hitting Fair Haven the temp goes deeper as the thermal starts to set up(below 100 FOW) you should be able to get to those depths with the older riggers. I ran those for years and ran down to 120 to 140 granted you have out at least 170 + feet of rigger cable and 13 lb weights to get these depths but it's not impossible.I don't think the older riggers would take any heaver weights for long periods of time the new ones are made for the heaver weights. I don't know what the depths are when the temp sets up out west of Fair Haven but The last couple of years at the bar in May I was down 100 feet picking up fish and last year they were even deeper for a while then the temp sets up and they were fishing is shallower water. It all depends on what type of spring we get for the depths. I am by no means an expert here but just saying what I have been thru.
  7. Welcome aboard Mr Vince.It's great to have you here
  8. Happy B day Bad Habit Good job Tom Ray would be proud of you
  9. Welcome to the east coast love the background also
  10. Nitro very well written response. I like the fact that you can see it both ways with out complaining that some one has a different opioun than you. You make some great points. Thanks for taking the time to write it. Tom you should run for office You put together such a great replys and so in depth. if you need campain $$ let me know I throw you some HB Your right your always right
  11. What a nice fish. http://www.igfa.org/News/post/New-All-T ... kg%29.aspx
  12. +1 what ray has said and Happy B day Dave
  13. HB It's news to you!! there is always going to be someone that is lazy and doesn't want to do what he is elected to do. If there is enough interest and the petition is done right there is always a good shot at getting it past. You just hate when someone doesn't see it your way plain and simple. I have been fishing up there for over 27 years I have seen the ups and down of this fishery. It's people that are on this site that make the difference not the ones that whine all of the time about nothing. If it passes it passes if not o well we tried and didn't lay down and play dead like you want us to do
  14. You just won't quit will you Ok here it is again YOUR RIGHT your always right
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