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  1. Sorry Aaron I saw it was spelt like mine and got all excited . I don't see many with the way mine is spelled. But still with a name like ours Hank your a Man
  2. " Erin " What a great name When I grow up I want to have a name like that Wait I do have a name like that and!!! I live in Massachusett The other Erin must be anther great outstanding fishermen With a name like Erin As long as they don't nickname you Erwin ( BOB, HANK)
  3. If it was me I would stay away from eBay when buying new electronics. Most companies will not honor the warranties if bought off of eBay. so I would be careful doing that. Give Jim a call at BOE he will match any price plus free shipping on orders over $250 (I think) I buy all of stuff off of him he knows his stuff and customer service is A+. I have had very good luck with them that is all I'm saying.Here is another couple of site to check out for price matching. Good luck http://www.boemarine.com/ http://www.jthelectronics.com/ http://www.hodgesmarine.com/
  4. Janz This is what I will do for you I am putting this web site down for learning purposes only click on the site then click on Understanding and Interpreting a Depth Finder... there are 6 articles there that are very well written for understanding Fish Finders. Hope this helps http://www.fishinweb.com/ (courtesty of The Fishin'web site from down south) Chad, Musky or LM, if this is something I shouldn't do please let me know
  5. Great lakes angler Magazine her is there site http://www.glangler.com
  6. If your auto stops are working I would say the ground is OK. set your positive ion to the middle if you have them on the riggers and just keep trying diff lead lengths until you find a pattern that works for you. I don't think your doing any thing wrong. I had a trip one summer that I didn't get one fish on a rigger but got 3 doubles on wire out of Fair haven that weekend. Just keep at it and you will be ok. If that doesn't help you try taking a charter and see how they are running there's that will cut a lot of the learning time off. Good luck
  7. Got My shirt today looks great Thanks Tom Fly looks great also.Can't wait to use it
  8. I'll 2nd that Thanks Tom Glad to have you aboard
  9. Stan that's priceless Happy New Years over there is California .
  10. That is a great price Pete it's usually $425
  11. CS welcome to the site .You will like it here
  12. First check if any thing you love is missing If not you have a keeper there
  13. I'm #5 so this is one that we have seen before but all who have not signed up yet now is the time
  14. Same goes here Merry Xmass to all. And a special thanks to all of the men and women here and over seas. Thanks for what you do for my family and I to be safe. Happy holidays and be safe
  15. Pete are you sure your not 10990 years???
  16. Great new Rick. What a great Xmass gift for you and your family Thanks for the up date
  17. I'm 50 this year on one of the USA worst days 9-11 But I will always be 18 in my eyes
  18. Stan you are so right about the things we did growing up .It really make you think about life in general and how precious our memories are to us. Thanks for letting me remember them. I pray for every one that is in harms way and those that risk there lives every day for my family safety. I hope all of the LOU family has a joyful and safe holiday Merry Xmas to all and be good
  19. Eric great post You must be a proud Father Save some of that deer for the bar next year it looks very tasty
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