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  1. I will take it what is your paypal? Dave at [email protected]
  2. I miss my boat but on the other hand I'm glad I sold it when I did. With all the flooding in the area over the last several seasons, we probably would be in storage for yet another summer of non use.
  3. Here on this planet (earth) they are made by kohler
  4. Or try outdriveshop.com
  5. Hello, Try this site mercstuff.com A lot of info on this site
  6. I have one somewhere in the garage, where are you located, I"m by Sodus bay. How about 25 bucks?
  7. oak park was the best marina on the south shore of the lake, great people, very friendly staff, boaters came back year after year. I personaly docked there for over 20 years, and all I can say is you could not ask for a better place to spend your summer. THEN, a new owner took over, all downhill from there, regulars left in bunches, not so much a "frendly place" anymore. Just my 2 cents
  8. Check out Mercstuff.com You will find info on just your problem.
  9. I don't think that there are any good reciepes for gobys.
  10. This is an easy do it yourself job. If you can paint a wall you can bottom paint your boat. For your size boat a quart of paint will probably do if not 2 quarts with enough left over for touch ups next year. Just get a roller and maybe an extension handle and go to town.
  11. Try Atlantic towers, google website, not cheap though around 1300 bucks for aluminium
  12. For sale, a slightly used carry on a/c unit for boats. This unit fits in your hatch 12 inches by 12 inches or larger. Included is the main unit, diverter, and hatch cover. Plugs into standard 110 volt shorepower. Asking 300.00 or best offer.
  13. The transom assembly on an alpha gen 1 and alpha gen 2 are different
  14. Thanks for the input guys, but I do not believe it to be a goby. I can not recall ever catching a goby with spines on the dorsal fin or with teeth. This really has me wondering.The nearest body of water is a beaver pond about 100 yards away and about two miles from Sodus bay.
  15. Jax, Yes that looks like it, also they have a full set of teeth, almost human like
  16. I found this in my backyard today, probably from a snake that could not swallow it. My question, What is it? About 9 inches long.
  17. sybil


    I have a few soft spots in my transom and have found a product called cpes (clear penetrating epoxy sealer). Does anyone have any experience using this product? The claim is that it will restore structeral strength without having to replace the core material by eliminating the mosture in the wood and sealing, filling voids. Thanks
  18. I have the V800, Where are you located? If close by you can have it for the price of gas used to meet up, or for the price of postage. And maybe a six pack. Dave
  19. To remove the paint try Zip-strip, I used this product and it works great. It comes in a gel form, you brush it on, wait a few minutes. then scrape it off with a plastic drywall knife. When I say scrape that may be an overstatement as the paint will just bubble off. I had no problem with it affecting the gelcoat. Depending on the age of your boat you may want to consider repainting the boat with a quality marine paint vs polish. Get it at any hardware store.
  20. Not familar with volvo outdrives,but had a similar experience with my alfa drive years ago. The lack of lubrication and heat build up in the drive due to low rpm running at trolling speeds over the coarse of many hours may have talking its toll on your forward gear. This is why you still have reverse. On my boat I had to drive in reverse from the lake to marina,pull the boat,remove top cap only to find that the gear, bearings where basicly schorched from heat. If I remember correctly, about an eight hundred dollar repair. I do remember that feeling of trolling all day, pulling lines, powering up and then nothing. Note this does not happen in a day or two but over time. May or not be your problem but this is just what happened to me.
  21. I've had the same sound as you describe for over 15 years on the same setup as you. I have to agree that it is the flappers. On another note my starter also does the same thing as you say, and again its been that way for years.
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