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  1. Well Chaos it looks like you got Finger Lakes section of the board alive again. Great seeing all these hits. Can only get better now that February is over and thoughts of pulling boats out of storage have started. I don't follow the tournament schedule so I'm throwing this date out to see what happens..... The weekend of June 23 & 24 (Sat & Sun). Its the Free Fishing Weekend in New York and that would be a great time to have a FISH-OFF with families involved. Ya don't have to worry about licenses for the wife/girlfriend/neighbor/mother-in-law ...you get the idea. A great opportunity to get a non-fisher introduced to the sport (addiction) of sportfishing.
  2. Landshark.....ya got to straighten me out. Looks like a walleye in your signature but I've never seen a `eye jump before :? . Is it a hybrid of some sort? Like maybe a landlocked Wall-mon....or a Steel-eye...or something like that. Boy, can you imagine a jumping walleye. That would be the hottest thing going.........a good eating fun fish to catch!
  3. Nice job BlueEye (& staff). That was a quick change over. Did you get any sleep last night? I'm still checking the new things out, but I should get used to it pretty quick. Having a little problem in the pictures section with the pictures & text wider than the screen and no way to slide the screen to the left so I can view the right side. Not sure if it's on my end (operator error :shock: ). I'll keep plugging away at it. Thanks again for your persistence in ridding us of the hackers
  4. Looks like we have at least one guy that's not going to sit around and wait for April. Thanks Hermit for the Boy Scout try. Your fishing report is a lot better than mine. The Finger Lakes threads are few and by the looks of it they are getting reread over and over again. I can't help much either because `frisco (my ride) is on a cruise in the eastern Caribbean and won't be back till next week . The only ice he has to contend with this week is in his drinks . I planned a little wood working project at home to keep me occupied till he is back and then maybe we'll try and get the boat in the lake (after you break the ice in the launch area) . Hope you get out, be safe, keep us posted......
  5. ......now thats exactly what I did. I slit the throats of my pancake weights and they are far away from my boat........all the way in the back of the garage...... Thanks janz, maybe someday...... :roll:
  6. I run 10# (outside) & 12# (inside/deeper) balls and somethimes 10# fish weights. Tried to run pancakes a few times two years ago and had 3 tangles :evil: :evil: while running dodgers. Now that was a treat. :? It took me 1/2 hour to untangle that mess each time.. and that was using scissors to speed up the process :x . Took them off and they sit in the garage ever since. Wasn't till a little later that I figured out what was going on. I had the releases hooked on the back of the pancakes and with the rods/lines tightened down for normal rigger fishing it would steer the weights to the opposite side the rod was positioned on the rigger. The deeper the weight the more swing to the other side it would go. Eventually the weights would cross and the fun began :roll: . Needless to say I don't attach any releases to the weights anymore (especially the fish weights) and haven't had a problem since. Also by attaching off the cable instead of the weight you can turn much sharper without tangling lines. The pancakes may work better by attaching to the cable but I'll probably never get over the tangle mess I had using them so they can sit in the garage.
  7. :idea: :idea: ....tequila seems to keep that little worm in pretty good shape for years. Should work on fish slime... :roll: Only problem is you'll have to drink the tequila to get to the slime. Maybe you should use small bottles so you'll be able to fish most the day.
  8. ...been reading your posts on this subject and haven't responded because I don't use cow bells or fish lake Ontario but couldn't help myself after you seem hell bent on catching Lake Trout. If your really into lakers then the finger lakes is were it's at. Lots of fish and some nice average size - 4lb to 10lb with several every year over the 10lb class. :shock: These lakers fall for most any lure and presentation. Your job would be to use them to your advantage when the time is right. Lake trolls are a proven techinque on these lakes and there shouldn't be any reason for you not to catch them on it. Spoons, plugs, flies, streamers will all take their share of lakers. Pick a finger (watch out for the middle finger, it could be habit forming) and fish it a few times, more lakers will be in your freezer than you can eat.
  9. Thanks Musky for the link. That does help clarify some of the issues. Found these comments to be helpfull..... "There don't seem to be chronic problems in the fleet from moisture being adsorbed by ethanol because of vented boat fuel tanks. Problems have all been traced to contamination issues caused by poor housekeeping that allows mixing of ethanol with MTBE or water." "Ethanol acts like a cleaning agent and will loosen years of varnish buildup in an engine or fuel tank. Without good fuel filters, these dissolved fuel system wastes can cause problems for a boater." .....so from that last paragraph it would seem the older cars/trucks are just as susceptible to the same problems. I guess we don't need to panic though. Knowing how to deal with it should become common knowledge once Ethanol makes a bigger headway into our fuels. Maybe some of the old closed down farms in New York can go into the corn growing business. I wonder how many guys will be selling their boats and buying tractors & corn harvesters :roll: .
  10. This subject was kicked around on other boards last fall. Between those discussions and my dealer I guess the best thing to do for now is be sure to have a full fuel tank before storage, add stabilizer and hope there is a minimum amount of water built up. My dealer says that an empty tank is even worse because of room for more condensation to collect during tempature changes. From what I understand, dry gas and the like will not work for this condition and a fuel/water seperator can hold just so much. I only have a 48 gallon tank so it isn't any big deal to top it off for the winter but some of you guys more than double that. I'm planning on getting a syphon hose that will get down to the bottom of the tank, (easier said than done) and pull out that gasoline this spring and mix it in my truck a little at a time. Hopefully if there is any water in there it will come out during the syphoning stage and I'll see it in the collection can. It will be interesting to see just how much water does collect if any. I'll try and remember to let you know. :roll: That's my plan for now until something better comes along. :? ...to be continued....
  11. ...... there also seems to be a little discrimination on this poll :shock: we'll have to start another area that is made for old guys (people) with too much equipment Can't wait to see who starts the poll on "How many boats do you have??"
  12. I'm not as sick as you guys. I only have 15 trolling and 3 spinning setups. Also a couple spare rods & reels just in case something breaks. Got out of ice fishing years ago and my son took all that stuff along with a couple spinning outfits. Once you get over 50 then you'll start to lighten up the load a little .
  13. If we had a picture of the year contest that would definitely would be a contender for 1st place. I love it!!
  14. Gee Ray, for a minute there I thought `frisco would toss me overboard for a new fishing partner . Then I remembered that I'm the only guy that has ever been able to put up with him for more than one fishing trip. If you really have to go fishing with him then go ahead. Your not to old for a new life experience :shock: . Actually he is a pretty nice guy. Ray, just between you and me..,I had to say that so `frisco would take me fishing again . I'm trying not to have to tell everyone why I was a no show for Saturdays fishing trip because it would ruin `frisco's image and that's something that Chaos probably wouldn't be able to get over.
  15. .........just what kind of browns were they...... do you touch them with your bare hands :? ......and what technique do you use to filet them?? I don't think you'll have much boat traffic around there from this board . sorry, I couldn't help myself. Must be the wine is starting to kick in
  16. Being partial to hardtops I think it is worth looking into. This style seems to utilize it's full 8'4" beam more efficiently than the other Trophy boats that I've seem. If your the type that likes to sleep on the boat then the extra large cabin is a plus, other wise the aft deck could use a little more room but in any case it sure looks like a nice unit. When you taking delivery ? Here is another boat to check out if your into a little more of a utility/fishing boat. It's in the same size class and also has some great potential as a trolling machine. Can't wait for you to post a picture of your new Trophy.
  17. It's pretty quiet on the fingers. Need a fishing report fix......how about it `stix, `frisco? You guys got the ba!!s to go downriggin'? The ground hog says an early spring.....why wait!
  18. Sorry Rich, the Salmon/Trout catalog came out a couple weeks ago :shock: . Maybe yours is in the mail....next to the check . The smaller catalogs make better bathroom material. That hard cover book hurts my leggs if I spend to much time in there. Sometimes it's hard to decide which catalog to bring in....Cabela's or Bass Pro...Midway or Bennett Marine...Trailer Boat or Boat US...on and on., but when it comes to shopping I like to use the keyboard as much as I like flippin' pages.
  19. ...that is a simple as it can be put. Thanks for saying what the rest (most)of the Vets have been trying to say especially in the last 3 years. Great post Toonfisher.....you get an "adda-a-boy" from one grateful vet. You will be blessed with heavy nets this year .
  20. `67 to`71 USAF attached to.... ...during the 1968 TET offensive :shock:
  21. I'm right behind Shellback sailing off into the sunset.........but I still have a pair of 13# balls that work pretty good :shock: .
  22. Duplicate post below. This one deleted by author. (still learning how to use this board :? )
  23. Here is a link to the State Department web site. This should answer most of your questions as they apply right now. http://travel.state.gov/travel/cbpmc/cbpmc_2223.html
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