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  1. It's pretty quiet on the fingers. Need a fishing report fix......how about it `stix, `frisco? You guys got the ba!!s to go downriggin'? The ground hog says an early spring.....why wait!
  2. Sorry Rich, the Salmon/Trout catalog came out a couple weeks ago :shock: . Maybe yours is in the mail....next to the check . The smaller catalogs make better bathroom material. That hard cover book hurts my leggs if I spend to much time in there. Sometimes it's hard to decide which catalog to bring in....Cabela's or Bass Pro...Midway or Bennett Marine...Trailer Boat or Boat US...on and on., but when it comes to shopping I like to use the keyboard as much as I like flippin' pages.
  3. ...that is a simple as it can be put. Thanks for saying what the rest (most)of the Vets have been trying to say especially in the last 3 years. Great post Toonfisher.....you get an "adda-a-boy" from one grateful vet. You will be blessed with heavy nets this year .
  4. `67 to`71 USAF attached to.... ...during the 1968 TET offensive :shock:
  5. I'm right behind Shellback sailing off into the sunset.........but I still have a pair of 13# balls that work pretty good :shock: .
  6. Duplicate post below. This one deleted by author. (still learning how to use this board :? )
  7. Here is a link to the State Department web site. This should answer most of your questions as they apply right now. http://travel.state.gov/travel/cbpmc/cbpmc_2223.html
  8. ..I don't have time to listen to music. Spend full time monitoring to the VHF for hot fishing reports, lures, locations. Then I go full bore to the new location right along side your boat with the hot color and try to catch a fish. Can't hear the radio while under full power and then to busy listening to the VHF again in case someone has another hot tip :? .
  9. A couple years ago a fishing buddy suggested that I try Black's after I was having trouble with my pincher style releases letting loose with dodger/fly rigs at deeper depths. Couldn't find any Black's at the local Gander Mtn but they did have DuBro releases and I didn't want to wait to mail order Blacks so I bought them. They seem to work pretty good for 2 years now. Not ever using Black's I was wondering if there is much difference between the two. Any of you guys have an opinion on Black's vs DuBro ? One any better than the other?
  10. ..I'd have to agree with f-l-f. This is a picture of Cayuga south end at 9AM this morning and yesterday there wasn't any ice at all out in the lake. Heavy winds from NW had white caps all the in to the beach/shore. as you can see ice started to form last night but how thick can the ice be? well, we didn't fish yesterday after all. `frisco got scared after reading Hermit's report and being the gentlemen that he is, suggested that I stay home and wash the kitchen floor because his boat wasn't coming out of the garage . I don't know what the big deal was. The Alaskan crab fisherman go out in heavier seas than that and don't even think twice about it :shock: .
  11. Thanks Hermie,...you are truly a brother of the Lodge to take your time to chase down that information. It will make it a little easier to plan a trip as soon as the weather permits. With that said, my bucket, floor rag and no rinse floor cleaner is ready for some action on the kitchen floor tomorrow in lew of fishing . There is nothing like a good backup plan :? .
  12. Thanks Hermie for checking things out for us. That would be great. Even though `frisco will wimp out this weekend we could use that info for next week. First hurdle other than weather is the bubbler. If it's not running or someone cuts the hose with their prop (real bright maneuver) then the game can't start. The water level has been adequate in recent years to float any boat that can go under the bridge. That is something that could change however :x . After `frisco weenies out we'll be hearing the crying from the guy up north (Chaos) about how he was going to go with us this weekend even though we haven't heard from him yet. Ya right....... I think I drank to much coffee this morning. I'll try and hold back a little ...
  13. I was hopin' that he wouldn't notice the weather forcast, and besides, I don't wear a hat so a chin strap won't be necessary. I would have on my inflat-a-belt, EPRIB and a also a tether line tied around my waste if he has the B :shock: lls to go out. My bucket and floor rag are standing by just in case we have a melt down on this trip. Doesn't look good by the way Shellback is helping me out :? . `stix...`frisco's boat will go under the bridge OK. Have to lower the antenna and the bar at the inlet was passable last winter when we(HE) went out of there. Have to keep your lower unit up a ways but your boat will float. My boat fits under the bridge in the summer when the water level is up. About 6" above the running light on the hardtop. Probably the safest thing to do is just stand on the bridge and measure down to the water. BTW,I use my Italian ruler to measure stuff,.... starts at 7" so remember that when I tell you how long something is .
  14. Thanks for the heads up at Treiman. Does anyone know if the bubbler is running at T-Park. Was thinking of a way to talk `frisco into taking his boat out this weekend. Could use some help from you guys reading this to edge him on a little. I know it's gunna be cold but what the heck. Otherwise I may have to stay home and wash the kitchen floor or other domestic chores. `stix, can you get your boat under the bridge at the park?
  15. .....now Chaos see what is happening since we last talked about this. A barrel of oil is down close to $50.00 today. That's almost a $20.00 drop or 28% a barrel. Gasoline finally dropped $.06 (-2.4%) at the pump Saturday. See how it all works :? . Give it a little more time and your home electric/gas/fuel oil rates should start going up. :shock: Just keep saying .....variable rate, variable rate..... I gotta take my mind off this stuff and get back to the important things in life like fishing....
  16. ...didn't know you were in the market for a boat musky. Saw that on the downrigger post. If you really want to know the price on that package try this.... http://www.edsmarinesuperstore.com/may_craft_boats.htm ...scroll down to the last 3 packages. Those are the Pilothouse versions. It may be worth the call even though they are a 7 hour drive. They put together good packages at some pretty decent prices. My nephew bought a boat there, said ya can't beat them on price but their service sucks `cause of the long lead time to get any work done(big volume I guess). They seemed to have partnered up with Yamaha because most of the boats there have Yamas on them. Check out those engine prices on Yamaha 4 strokes.... 115hpEFI msrp $10,400, Ed's price $7,300 (I paid $8,500 for my Merc EFI 4stroke 4 years ago ) 150hp, $14,000, Ed's $ 9,500 200hp, $18,600, Ed's $12,500 ....`stix, want to repower that Arima?? ...if for anything else Musky you can see what stuff should cost when there is a little competition influcencing price
  17. musk....I don't know the price on it. Didn't ask a salesmen because I didn't want to get hung up on something that I couldn't buy. The more I looked at it the better it was getting. The boat on display was the 2550 (25'6")Pilot XL w/200Yamaha 4 stroke w/ Aluminun trailer & had a few other goodies. It was in front of the dealers showroom, not at the boat show. I'm kinda partial to hard tops so that is why it caught my eye(s) as I was driving by. Dropped off the hens for some shopping at the mall and doubled back to check out the boat. I get into more trouble doing stuff like that but I can't help it.
  18. Welcome! You've found a great bunch of guys here. clarification: ....this site will soon loose it's 1st place status to
  19. Was in Richmond, VA over the weekend visiting the in-laws and took in a boat show at the convention center. Because I already spent all my fun money I thought I'd go boat shopping for Fishstix :shock: (don't you love it when someone else is spending your money? :x ) Stumbled on this boat that would make and terrific trolling boat, and the prices were pretty good compared to boat prices around here. May-Craft 2300 Pilothouse w/extended top (preferred power by the manufacture is Yamaha 4 stroke) Standard Features • foam flotation • 88 gal. fuel tank • stainless bow rail • stainless handrails • stainless cleats • molded v-bunks • cabin cushions • extended canopy • opening side windows • cabin hatch • 25" or 30" transom • battery storage • oil tank storage • helm seats w/storage • rod racks • 4ss rod hldrs. in gunwale • bilge pump • cockpit liner Specifications length: 22' 6" beam: 8' maximum hp: 225 weight: 2800 lbs. draft: 14" Options • opening front windows • drop curtains • side and aft curtains • enclosed pilot house • motor bracket • hydraulic steering Check out the weight.....would be a great trailor boat. Probably 4500 to 5000 lbs loaded.......so `stix, add this to your favorites next to the Arimas and check it out when you go down to the boat show in NYC this winter
  20. I also used Plasti-Dip to coat fish downrigger weights. Got it at Home Depot and Lowes also carries it. They didn't have the spray, but had the brush on. I put 3 coats on. Used the red color :shock: , probably turns brown and then black as it goes deeper in the water column. Also added a little prism tap on the sides for flash. Trout/salmon don't seem to mind the color and I run plugs 6' behind it on Oneida for walleyes so I'm not sure just how much the color really influences the strike.
  21. `frisco's 95' double dinks on Sunday ...and a brown from down there also, 90'+ It was pretty tough fishing Sunday, had to wear a jacket until 09:30. We won't go fishing without you this weekend. `frisco is working and I'll be in Richmond.
  22. :shock: .....probably should have started a new Post for 1/7/07 but Sunday was just a overrun for Saturday because we pulled out early after the storm front went through. Before we get to the fish report there are a couple things that need to be said about `frisco's report. Everything he said was true,...no "fish story" or stretching the truth. Just the facts. Ken was a gracious host/Captain. Always checking that I was comfortable or needed coffee, cookies, sandwich, is to hot/to cold, do you want me to put the worm on for you, etc....you get the picture :roll: `frisco just didn't give all the facts..... :? . He forgot to mention that my cell phone time was part of the deal if he took me fishing. The handicap was that I had to give him 30% more fishing time than me to make the contest fair so I figured the best way to do that was talk on the phone, but I cheated. All the calls were fishermen so even though I was preoccupied on the phone I was getting HOT tips from the peanut gallery. You don't think it was just a coincedence that the fish were hitting because of some radio wave/+ion thing on the wire cables do you? I just wanted to clarify that point. . Oh ya, Sunday, no big deal, we caught some fish. Tried for a Grand Slam but fell short on the Rainbow. Caught fish from the surface all the way down to 135' on the riggers and 360' on the wire dipsey. Had one double on a spoon rod. It was at 95' and had a dink salmon at the ball and one on the cheater. Ran into Fishstix out there both days and that always adds to the fun. As soon as this Forum starts getting more topics I'll stop babbling on........ so I hope we start seeing more topics. It's going to be a short winter and we all need to tool-up for April .
  23. I know that isn't answering your question, but I thought I'd throw this in anyway. http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/templ ... &noImage=0 Last year I added 2 of these to the back of my boat for downriggers and few other things. I use 12 guage wire to feed the fuse blocks and off I went. Easy install and should be an easy replacement method at the helm with a new 10 or 12 guage wire feeding them from the battery.
  24. Weenie.........I bought the "inflate-a-belt" last year after reading the post on this board about a lone fishermen that went overboard on Ontario and never was found. His boat was found beached the next morning with the riggers still out. I wear this every time I'm alone and always during the colder months even if some else is aboard. It's not the best out there but it is something that I will wear during the ummer even on the hottest days because it doesn't touch your skin. Just hangs around your waist. It's a semi-manual inflation by pulling a tab. A CO2 cartridge does the inflating. If you go over at this time of year and are alone you will probably die from hyperthermia but at least your family will have a body to bury if you are wearing a life jacket/belt/vest. http://www.basspro.com/servlet/catalog. ... get=browse The best life saving devices are usless if they are in the storage locker or under the seat... :shock:. We'll be fishing the finger lakes tomorrow and the surface temps are about 42 deg. You can bet you a$$ my inflate-a-belt will be on .
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