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  1. Stix, Saturday would be a good day to fish and you can stay home with the misses on Sunday. Temps in the 50's. So what's the big deal if it rains a little. Cleaned the guns and put them in the safe. Now I have to find someone with a boat that is ready to fish (mine is stored for the winter). Huntfrisco........come out, come out where ever you are......time to take 195 out of the barn . I promise to stay on my side of the boat if you take me fishing for a Christmas present. Please.
  2. ....just a thought. If you wait until the wire eats up the rod tip, at what point does the worn tip starts to nick, chafe, scratch, fry the wire? I've heard others say the same thing and often wondered when things start to melt down :shock: . I figured that if a special tip was designed to aid in the life expectancy of the wire then the sooner put on the better. Did I pull off perfectly good rod tips for nothing? Maybe someone can set us straight on the effects of standard tips vs twilli tips vs roller tips when using wire line and what way is the best to go.
  3. Thanks for the fish report. I really needed that. I was starting to get the shakes (wasn't from the cold weather in the woods) . One more day of deer hunting and then I'll put the guns away. ---------------------------------------------------- PS: a little off subject, Seems your optmiser inventory may have gotten bigger since Chaos paid his ABOAONY dues :shock:. Did you happen to take advantage of the clearance sale recently? :roll: ABOAONY audit due by January 15,`07. We may have to get together for coffee and make the numbers work out on the books :? ....
  4. So far I haven't had a bad experience with the dipsey hitting bottom and hanging-up. :shock: I've been running dipseys for over 15 years but it's probably just a matter of time, I'm due. I've had them hit bottom 3 ways. One is when trolling close to structure, say over 120' bottom and the dipsey hits the wall of a steep drop off close by. Second was in a turn over,say 90' bottom and the inside dipsey hits. The third is when I do it on purpose to see the true depth my dipsey is running at for the conditions that I'm fishing. In most cases the dipsey will ride the bottom if it's fairly smooth and you'll see the rod twitching like a small fish is on. If it hits something hard or digs in it will usually trip and start to surface. The dipsey doesn't nose into the bottom because it's usually at #2- 2 1/2 setting and the angle of the dipsey puts one side lower and that side hits first and slides along the bottom. Never had any issues running dipseys with 4 downriggers. Biggest problem I have is fish hitting sliders on the riggers and getting into the dipsey wire. That's going to happen a few times a season. I just put up with it because both setups are just to good not to use.
  5. Merc 9.9 is available with power tilt/trim & remote controls. Don't have any experience with that size engine on 24' boats. The 8 & 9.9hp engines are the same engine except a little different carb. Regardless of what your going to put it on I'd go with the 9.9 for the difference in money.
  6. Need a fish report fix. Been in the woods trolling for BLAT Heads (as stix would say). Hasn't been any reports since the board was rebuilt. Was hoping that the momemtum would start back up. How about it stix, you get out last weekend? Weather was good.....
  7. Try this out......... http://www.lakemichiganangler.com/store/Twili_Tip.htm
  8. My answer is in the " Open Lake Discussion section". :arrow: http://www.lakeontariounited.com/forum2 ... ?p=258#258
  9. See that Stix....now he thinks we are his friends.....but he does have the smart part right :? . We may consider being your friend once you pay your ABOAONY dues. Cash can be sent directly to $tix. The question what to do about rate choice. I'm going with the the variable rate. Only a portion of the bill is affected by this anyway. How much do you think your going to save...$30.00 a year? The way I look at it is if I had to come up with a guaranteed fixed rate for one year I'd be sure to cover my A$$. I'll take my chances with the variable rate and fuel prices. Besides, the Dem's are going to talk with Iran and make everything better :roll: and oil prices are going to fall :shock: . Now lets get back to fishing.....
  10. Kudos.......didn't realize how much I use this board until it went down. Great enhancments added to this new and improved Forum. Maybe the HACKER did us a favor (but you three got stuck with all the work). Anyway thanks, we really do appreciate your time invested in all of this.
  11. I know this came up recently but not much said about it. Anyone try this stuff yet? I see Cabela's has it listed. I would imagine that the fleas would hang on pretty good but is there any merit to using this stuff?
  12. There may be a momentary cut-out switch that is bad or going bad. The switch should break & make the ignition circuit when you shift into gear to take the load off the shift gears. Had that problem on a `86 Mercruiser 140hp IO. Every time I tried to shift into forward or reverse it died. Thank God it was at the dock and not out on the lake :shock: . Something to check out.
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