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  1. It's amazing the fish you catch that your not fishing for. Check my post under " Crazy- Double". That cooler full of bass were caught on a weekend that a bass tournament was going on at Cayuga. They were over the 300' water between Sheldrake & Long Point :shock: . Anyway,......congratulations on placing in the money.
  2. .......great story. I haven't fish that area in a few years but when I did I also had a few strange happenings. One year in particular I grabbed few bass while trolling for lakers that were down deep along the drop-off on the southside of that point. Had 2 doubles that day. Laker off the ball and a bass on the slider. What a riot, laker trying to dive and the bass jumping out of the water. Here are a couple bass caught on flies 65' down...... ....and another days bass catch while trolling for trout. These were caught out over 300'+ water......... ....sometimes you never know what's on the other end `till they surface. Again great report. Thanks for shareing.
  3. ...............I'm right here Chaos.......on the side lines. Been away over the Labor Day weekend. Won't be fishing the tourney this weekend......actually I probably won't be fishing at all. Just got a new power kicker bracket and will be installing it Sat/Sun. Hopefully only a one day deal and then maybe fish Sunday. Good luck to all. Hope the tournament results will be posted.
  4. ....and another rule that should be considered is a BOAT License, that is a fishing license that will cover everyone that is in the boat :idea: . lyteline ........welcome to the club :shock: ..........your still a novice when it comes to running to many lines .
  5. Try Dean's Cove. Nice State launch.
  6. ...... alright Chaos, just to keep things fair I will remove all the hooks from the lures :shock: ...................stix's & hermie's lures that is
  7. Sounds like we need a last minute rule........... "all captains/boat owners who's first name begins with the letters N thru Z must have 2 dozen bananas on board from sunrise to 1PM day of tournament. All boats falling into that category will be inspected to assure they are complying with Chaos's new rule."
  8. ....time is flying and before we know it the TOP DOG will be posting on this site with all the gloating he/she will be able to muster. Is that person YOU? Fished yesterday for the first time in 3 weeks (I was just trying to give `stix and Hermie a little advantage). Didn't do vary well either , so now I'm getting nervous :shock: ......... Hope I can maintain my composure .
  9. Thanks for getting the trophy's for us. They look great. ......you know........paybacks are a &itch, :shock: ........and someone we know paid you back by attaching a nice brown trout on your hook for the BP tourny
  10. Pretty quiet out there.... :? Been out a few times but haven't reported `cause my trips were pretty much lack-luster. Been fishing out of Long Point since late April and haven't had any great numbers to get everyone excited about. Fishing up there has been like it was most of the winter on the south end. Few fish early in the upper water column and then it shuts off. I will say that I haven't tried along the shore line in the shallows (5' to 20'). If you wanted to stay longer than 10AM and catch fish, then 80' to 110' down was the place to be. Surface fish up there yielded a few nice browns, short salmon (16" to 18 1/2" range) and no rainbows. Lakers that were caught deep were of good quality....mostly in the 25" to 30"+ range. There were no great concentrations of any fish were I've been fishing. Just had to put in the time and go looking for them. Pulled the boards off the boat and if the surface turns on then I'll use out riggers. The browns that I am catching don't seem to be boat or ball shy at all. Will try again this weekend. Hope to hear from some of you guys. I know you are fishing. No secrets need to be given up. Especially ones that will win the Cayuga LOU-All . Just like to hear what everyone is up to. Strength in numbers so they say......that includes LOU members & guests. Hope that any of you guys in this weekends tournament have a good time and place in the winners circle. Best of luck to all.............and you too Strike 3, you have a new auto-pilot to pay for
  11. You guys shouldn't waste anymore time trying to figure out how to win this contest...... :? .......... :? ...... I already have the winning fish in the freezer... :shock: ......
  12. Sorry for the late post. Fished Cayuga Saturday and went to the gun show in Syracuse today `cause of the lake conditions on Cayuga (then got hug up on a plumbing project tonight). South end is full of debris from the inlet to the Yacht club. It's spread out pretty much across the lake. Until we get some steady winds from one direction the crap will just hang there. Also the lake level is up, not quite flood stage but close. Saturday the mud was well out past the dropoff and thick. We run our stuff through it but never had a hook-up. Several releases ended up being sticks :x . We moved up the lake past Crowbar and set back up and trolled up to the park and around in circles a bit. Ended the day with 4 short salmon, 1 laker (& lost 1), a nice brown @ 25" and 2 eels (now headless). The brown was down pretty deep, 200' out with wire and slider diver. Lakers were caught at 90' & 110'. Salmon on top.
  13. Got a mystery guest on board tomorrow and I know I'm not going to be the only boat that will be in the water. Will I have any help from some of you guys in tenderizing his :shock: gonads? We'll be launching from Treman on Cayuga's south end. Hope to see some of you out there. Li'L Buddy will be on 68....ask for `frisco
  14. Ok....Easter is over and the weather is finally starting to cooperate. Got my family stuff behind me. Now it's time to get down to the more important things in life........ Time to fish! ..........are you ready to rum-m-m-mble?
  15. ......hummmmm, looks like I'll have more than fish following my chum line :roll: It's times like this that you have to watch your friends the most.
  16. I have the King AP2000 since 1991. It is on it's second boat now. Bought a new boat Jan 2002 and took it off my old boat. Sent it back to the repair center to have it checked out and "tuned up" before reinstalling it in my new boat. As far as I know the company that made them is out of business. A repair center in Florida still repairs the King line. Even though the unit has been good to me I really don't think I would buy one today (unless it's close to free). I would talk to some of the guys that have different units and stay with newer technology. Ray, if you want to talk about the King in little more depth then PM me a phone number and we'll kick it around on the phone.
  17. ......not sure if that comment was for the perch dinner or the invite to go fishing Sat. :? I can understand her pulling rank if it was for the dinner but fishin' with the guys? Just tell her that I took the port-a-potti out of the boat and replaced it with a propane cylinder for the heater. ,....... she'll understand.
  18. ...sorry Z, fishing tomorrow (Sat) not Sunday. Already have a couple guys promissed but final commitment won't be `till tonight. If you are interested on tomorrows trip call me tonight about 7'ish. If they don't call me by then, then your in. PS:...I'm also good for some $$ for the trophy
  19. Rod.....even thou `stix & I have similiar boats we do have different kicker setups. His advise is well worth heeding but remember there will be trade offs no matter how you mount, steer and throttle. I did install the "Troll-Master" electronic throttle and am vary pleased with it's performance. Can really fine tune rpms and I think it is actually better than cable linkage. Unfortunately, you still may have a little trial & error to get your boat setup the way you you'll like it.
  20. Take this link to the tutorial on posting pictures. Then use that same format in the signature portion of your profile. Be sure to down size the picture so it won't grab to much screen. http://fishing.lakeontariounited.com/vi ... .php?t=912
  21. Chris, that's a pretty long boat ride. If you trailer up to Deans cove on the west side you'll be just a little north of Long Point across the lake. Deans Cove has good access. Something to consider.
  22. Ya know Ray, we all can feel your pain. To much tackle you say? That's a phrase that doesn't exist on this Board so cheer up and blow those Dick's bucks. I sloved the problem of proper fusing by adding one of these babies to each side of the boat back in the aft. Makes life easy anytime you add new equipment (and you will be adding new stuff that hasen't even been developed yet). Got them from Cabela's. Once you hook up the main power feed everything else just plugs in.
  23. ..........I'd be riled too if I had a husband spending money on those slender bodied, bikini clad dipsey's in that video :shock: :x :shock:
  24. Mary Ann, if your putting together a team like the one on the video in this link............ :arrow: http://fishing.lakeontariounited.com/vi ... ...........I'll drive!! ....Vince/Zeke, you may be scrambling for a mate for the fish-off if these women are serious about their own team.......This is really getting interesting now.
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