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  1. I checked that video out shortly after you posted it last week J.D. Thought it was great. The music really really pumped me up.....the images added to the pump also :shock: .......... Since then while at home I've found myself coming back a couple times and firing up the video just to blast the music while puttsing around the house. Great post and good timing, the count down is getting close to single didgets .
  2. Looks like things just got ramped-up a notch :shock: . .. :arrow: ......does anyone remember `stix saying recently that his computer crashed and couldn't post pictures or use his Photo Shop? Also in the same breath he said he wasn't in any hurry to fix it. ..........Well just remember this when he starts telling us what the hot combo is during the fish-off :roll: . `stix.......your a classic.........you funny too
  3. Well Vince there is an offer you shouldn't refuse. You've been out on my boat so you know what I have. `stix runs different equipment and is rigged a little different also. Our boat hulls are the same and our business end is idenitical to yours so you really can't ask for anything better than that. I wish I had the opportunity to see a tricked out Arima before I rigged mine. It sure would have saved a lot of hours looking and planning and jerry rigging proto types before drilling. On a side note..... earlier this week `frisco & I were planning on fishing today if the weather was alright. As the week wore on that plan fell apart. I'd like to think maybe next weekend but after the lake blew out from the run off it will probably take some time before most of the logs, sticks, leafs & twigs not to mention a few barrels, dock parts, plastic bottles and grocery bags,etc....clear the lake .
  4. We don't have any secrets on the board, so if anyone wants to know where the honey hole is click on the arrow...... :arrow:
  5. I tried this receipe out Tuesday night and it now has a permanent place in my cook book. Vary goood and a pleasant change from my other recipes. I didn't have any salmon to try it on but did wip out some nice brown fillets from the freezer. This recipe should be moved or reposted to the "Recipe" section if it hasn't already. I'm sure others will enjoy it also. Thanks Paul
  6. ....well W4 you should be able to do something close to that. The jigging rods off the boat is no problem. The tip ups can be used if they are not connected to the boat (then they would be considered additional lines). Take eack tipup and tie it to a little kids blowup ring for swimming pools. Then attach the bait and float it :shock: . I think the regulations read something like you must be in close attendance to the tipups.....it's stuff like this that gets me into trouble .......just to be sure read the regs and if you can make it legal then go for it. We may have to consider a "Most Creative Catch :roll: " catagory. Chaos can work on that.
  7. ......wow... this is supposed to be fun......starting to get confusing :? :? . Lets get this back into perspective. This all started by a little chat between fishing buddies about having a fish-off between us. We thought we’d ask a couple other buddies that usually fish around each other most of the season, probably 4 to 5 boats in all. Well.....then someone (guess who) came up with the idea of getting a couple more of our LOU brothers & sisters that fish the area to join us so we could meet in person and the rest of the story is posted here and previous posts. Regardless of how this whole thing goes down I’m going to be in a fish-off.....no money and no B$ :shock: .....just lots of fun. I really don’t want to get bogged down with all the crap like the rest of the tournaments. That’s way we’re doing this to begin with. I think that we should all adhere to the KISS method and leave it at that . Simplest being we pick a day, all go fishing, have some fun and meet mid day for some social time and try to out brag the rest of the group. .....so anyway to start the ball rolling: :arrow: Rule #1 - all NY State fishing and boating laws to be followed (this is for the benefit of the fish police) Rule #2 - bragging is permitted but some restraint should be shown if a fellow fishermen starts crying Rule #........any more rule are up to the rest of you As it stands now I’ll have to leave a dozen or more rods home in order to comply with rule #1. I know Chaos will be glassing my boat to be sure I’m a good boy and behave myself and I wouldn’t be surprised if Strike 3 & `frisco take turns on the glasses also.
  8. geepers Ray.............when I read your subject line I got all beside myself :shock: (what a trick that is). I thought you were leaving LOU `cause you were pi$$ed off at something,...... like `stix not including you in his crew for the Cayuga LOU-All :? (or what ever the name of the tourney is). After reading it I settled down so I'm OK now in case you were worried. You gots to be careful of post that start like that .
  9. ....now Ray that has a real catchy ring to it. "Cayuga LOU-ALL". It says it all without tying this event to anyone location and keeps the LOU group the common denominator of the participatants. I hope that it gets some serious thought when it's time for a vote . PS: Ray, aside from the above, I tink you funny .
  10. ........how many coolers to bring? Now there is a guy thats thinking ahead. With this Bar-B-Q thing getting more interest than the fishing I'd say you'll need to bring 3 coolers. Two large and one medium. The two large coolers are for the steaks you and Hermie are bringing :shock: and the medium is to hold the beverage of your choice to consume while you and Hermie are on shore getting the fires going and cooking all those steaks, corn on the cob, salt potatoes, and yes...definitly fried fish. The rest of us will being a desert to share. So I'd say you can start late as you said,.... 11 AM should get things going in plenty of time for a 1 - 2PM eatfest. Stix don't worry about not haveing enough time to go out on the lake to catch some fish,.....the rest of us will donate a couple fish for you and Hermie to eat. We'll also enter a fish or two for you if we decide that there is going to be a fishing contest. If so then I'm pretty sure that you two guys will win the booby price for smallest fish . All those that agree please let `stix & Hermie know by giving them a vote of confidence. Use the PM feature so they'll know that we all love them. Have a nice day.......
  11. You can launch at any time. No gates at the entrance. I usually show up long before any attendant like any fishermen would. What they do is when the attendant comes to work (about 8AM) they go around the park and put a ticket under your windshield wiper blade that tells you to stop by the guard shack on the way out to pay. So in that respect it's pretty easy. Also the bathrooms are unlocked at 7AM. I'm not pushing this park over any other. Whatever works the best for the most works for me .
  12. Chaos said: Stinger, how much does it cost to get into LPSP to launch? Stringer, what VHF channel will be used for game day? Stinger, can people camp at LPSP if desired? If not, closest convenient facility? Provide directions please. Boy, you can sure tell he's an old lifer shouting out the orders without even taking a breath. Long Point State Park, is located a couple miles south of Aurora on the east shore. The only thing that this park doesn't have is camping. Not being a camper I really don't know if there is camping near by. Maybe one of the other members can help us out with that info. Well....It costs $7.00 to launch at Long Point. Bbecause they have a swimming area which adds a $1.00 to the fee normal $6.00 fee. There is nice bathroom facilities ( with showers...Hermit can bring his suit and go to the wedding smelling good) near the launch, swimming, picnic area. Good parking for cars and a separate area for boat trailers just above the launch. Great handicap parking with 3 separate spaces for handicap vehicles with trailers. Three boats can launch at the same time with a 4th if needed. There are no slips for boats and limited space to tie up around the perimiter. There is a nice size grass area next to the trailer parking area if needed for more parking. Other than the camping issue this is a nice park for the event. It doesn't get a lot of use. More like a local town park but is well maintained. The northern end of the lake see vary little recreational boating and jet skiing. That's way I like fishing this end. If everyone shows that say they are it will probably quadruple the normal boat activity. The final place will probably be inconvenient to some participants but that happens. Deans Cove is the closest launch on the west side to Long Point I'll work on posting directions and the VHF channel at a later date if this ends up the place for the event.
  13. WW4.....We don't have a specific rules in place yet but I would say that any legal means to fish would be OK for this event. I'd love to see some jiggers kick a little ask. May put some of us trollers in our place .
  14. ...well, that post was made before any tournament dates were posted so I would like to modify my suggestion. "How about holding it on first weekend of August as that would be in between the LOC derbies." ...what was that......did Splitshot already say that :? ? ....Split, ya took the words right out of my mouth .
  15. .. :shock: .....competition level just went up a notch!
  16. ...some more good info on this subject a couple posts down..."Kickin Amps". I've never even had a problem with the charging issue with the 6 amp alt. I run 4 riggers, VHF, GPS, FF, & autopilot plus any other little accessory stuff like in the summer when the wind drops out and it's hot I run 1 to 2 electric fans (maybe air conditioning some day ) in the helm area and the batteries stay fully charged. For $20.00 you can take all the guess work (and panick :shock: attacks :shock: ) out of the battery condition. Cabela's item # OG-016648. This unit tells you % of charge or capacity of the battery. Kinda like a fuel gauge for batteries. Unless you are running electric trolling motors on your boat you don't need deep cycle batteries. I my opinion the Perko switch should never be on BOTH for any reason, even charging. Use one battery at a time and same with charging. So back to your 6 amp question. I think it will be OK even if it's only a 6 amp kicker. Even though output is dependant on RPM's you don't have to be redlined to get 6 amps. My engine runs about 1800 to 2200 rpm while trolling and batteries stay fully charged even after 6 hours of trolling.
  17. Usually the electric start engine have an alternator combo. Probably a 6 amp. The best why to find out is get the model number off the data plate and call a merc dealer to check for you. That information is in the model number. Mine is a merc 9.9 4 stroke electric start 6amp-model# ME 9.9EH 4S
  18. Ya know I'm not going to let those comments from `frisco & chaos go by with out some rebutal. I'll try and keep it a nice a possible because we all know how sensitive Chaos is....:arrow: Before I give you my version of the fishing report I just what all to know that `frisco was again as gracious as he can be. Other than the fact that there was plenty of heat and food in the boat the companionship was limited. He seemed a little crotchety at times (must be a full moon or MENstrual thing :shock: ). Sorta bossy...I know he is the Captain but come on, I'm supposed to be the guest. Well anyway, we were lucky enough to wack a couple fish right off the bat and he kept saying "you handle the fish, I don't want to get fish slim on me". At first I didn't mind but then my hands were freezing. The water temp was 37 deg and my little fingers were getting colder everytime I washed them off. I figured that the only way around that was to not catch some fish for awhile so I told him about this real secret hot area to try. Little did he know that HOT part was for the benefit of my hands and the secret was there usually isn't any fish there:) . The rest of the story is in his post. Can't wait for the tourny. Already have a deal cut with Mary Ann so Chaos you better check you lines for nicks real good the day of the event. Could have some knicks as far as 75', 100' feet in the spool . ........ Don't bother asking her. She'll just deny any of this.... .
  19. I've been a advocate of that rule in New York for years, but who the hell am I? :? I'm also a advocate of a fishing license for the boat like in Virginia. You buy a license for the boat and all those in the boat are covered by the license....... That would be to easy :shock: .
  20. stinger/screen name.....boat name/call sign " Li`L Buddy"
  21. I know this doesn't answer your question but I think the best way to go with your setup is like mikejones says. In any boat with only two riggers you can add another rod (dipsey, lead core, thumper, flatline) to the mix and still have 2 baits/lures on each rigger. If your not using dipseys then your really missing a golden opportunity to catch fish. In a small boat you probably only have two guys which limits you to 4 rods total. I think 2 rods on a rigger with sliders/cheaters on each rod is asking for trouble. Just a thought.
  22. OK...lets try this: First of all the links still will bring you to the gizmos, so thats ok. To be able to read all the text in the posts I selected that particular post that I want to read and past it in my word processor or note pad to read the whole thing. I know , a lot of jerking around, sorry. I hope I can fish better than I use a computer .
  23. foiled again :shock: tried to work around the screan problem but blow it...Oh well
  24. wow....at first I thought your subject title read "kickin ass", then I reread it and put the gloves away I'll answer your PM also but thought that some of the guys may be interested in this. Not for all boats but may apply................. to a few. My kicker (9.9 Mercury 4stroke) has a 6 amp alternator and seems to handle my boats power requirments just fine. .............. My electrical needs are - 4 Big Jon's, VHF, GPS, FF and Autopilot (older King AP2000). The autopilot is engaged alot of..................... the time that I'm trolling and is probably the highest power consumer on boad. Here are a couple neat add-ons that I installed to take the guess work out of some of your concerns: A small profile battery monitor that keeps you informed of the % of charge of each battery. I got the surface mount.......... unit and is easly to install. Cabela's has them on sale now for $20.00. Well worth the cost and you'll never worry about .................. how your batteries are doing. A quick look at the gauge and you'll know if switching/charging batteriers is needed. http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/templ ... &noImage=0 The next neat gizmo is a little tach/rpm gauge. Installs in about 15 minutes or less. I put this on because I'm one of................ those guys that wants to know how many hours are on the engine. You'll crank up a lot of trolling hours before............... you know it. I like to know when it's time for a oil change, not guess at it. Also put one on my ATV http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/templ ... &noImage=0 Had to do some jerking around with the ....... so you wouldn't loose any words that go off the screen :? . I know .................. the guys are working on it so this will have to do until that's fixed.
  25. Gee Dave I wish you didn't post that. `frisco just got back from his Carribean cruise yesterday and I have him talked into taking me fishing Saturday. I hope he doesn't read this.
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