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  1. Yes ...cash......not including shipping......call or text 585-two five nine- 2631
  2. MinnKota Powerdrive. Auto pilot, 65lbs thrust, 60" shaft, 24v with footpedal control and cord. $500 $400 call or text 585-two five nine- 2631
  3. Yup price for both.......just so you know Captain paks do NOT have auto stop. Not sure of the age but I had the motors gone over and serviced by BIg Jon ( new brushes, breakers, and connections) in 2014, only used a couple of times since
  4. 2 Big Jon Electric Downriggers Captain Pak with 2 adjustable rod holders, swivel base, mounting plate, Black releases and 12 lb. weights.Aprox 200ft wire on each $250
  5. Super Ski Dual Reel Mast, 5 ft., mounting plates for easy removal, Good line approx 100ft. per reel. Super Ski collapsible planer boards, run great all for $235
  6. How has the daylight fishing been?
  7. Walleyes are tough. You might want to try Sodus Bay especially at nite. Perch also tough schools can be found at the shoreline. You might have better luck trolling shore for browns
  8. http://www.fishusa.com/product/Church-Tackle-TX-22-Special-Planer-Board Hope this helps
  9. Yup, I keep the weight towards the back to keep the nose up......also let the line out slow at first to keep the nose up then when its a about 10' back i let it go with the clicker on but free spool......carefully
  10. I've had the itroll for 2 years.....GREAT unit......the precision of trolling speed is better than controlking (the only other unit I've tried). I have not used the HUNT feature much but as Joe says you get 50 uses to try. The customer service from Joel (itroll owner ) is excellent.
  11. I would not have sold you the weights if I knew you were just going to throw them overboard.............lol
  12. Chinook diver beats them all........... https://www.chinookdiver.com/
  13. Next time take pictures front, side, aft, and name of boat if possible so we all know you we are dealing with. I believe I know who you are referring to as they a usual Bear Creek boat that thinks he owns the area
  14. I have been using the Itroll for 2 years trouble free. I like all the pluses it has, waterproof, hunt feature, can go from speed to idle back to speed with a touch of a button ( great for netting) etc And GREAT customer service........I talked directly to Joel, inventor, engineer for set up help.....great to talk with in plain english and he uses it
  15. Bay Bridge Sport Shop, Ridge Rd, Sodus bay....South end of bay by the bridge.....does a good job
  16. You guys should try the chinook diver, deeper with less line out and they come in so much easier http://www.chinookdiver.com/
  17. Any one have results for big fish friday and/or day 1
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