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  1. Raymarine Like New A70D GPS with charts & B60 transducer, thru-hull 600 watt, 50/200, 12 degree hull. This unit has been used very little and is in like new condition....this is Raymarine state-of art unit. Loaded with charts including Great Lakes. Sell for $1,499.99 plus $400.00 for transducer..........1st $1,000.00 takes -it Not interested in seperating link to raymarine page ; http://www.raymarine.com/ProductDetail. ... ODUCT=4221 Selling for a friend send PM me for phone number #
  2. This issue of paint falling off on Michigan Stinger spoons is NOT a new problem, it's been happening for years. Stinger must think it is a smart business practice to get you guys to buy more of their spoons
  3. REALLY.......I think the "officer" must have been some power hungry punk that doesn't deserve a job dealing with the public
  4. Perch on Seneca are VERY skitish.....give the other guy lots of room or you'll kill his fishing.......Throw your baits away from the boat. Many are using electric trolling motors to move around. Letting out 15-25 ft more anchor line can be considered a move. Good luck
  5. Picked up a pair of these to try on those cold wet days, and won't leave black marks on the deck http://www.sierratradingpost.com/rugged ... essed=true
  6. Get well Roy, we got perch to put on the ice....if/when we get ice
  7. daker1979


    Been using a Nils hand auger for years.....by far the best made....at 13 lbs you can't go wrong with the power one either and can easily convert to hand operation if needed..... http://www.cabelas.com/product/Fishing/ ... t104395680
  8. Here's a couple of different units, there's more out there http://www.fish307.com/speedandtemp.aspx
  9. This is usually caused by letting out your dipsey too fast even though your flasher was backwards. Always have some good tension on your wire rod when letting it out........otherwise your flasher rig floats back onto the wire
  10. Here you go : http://www.orleanscountytourism.com/fis ... rboard.pdf
  11. There so many good ones out there now...... set your price range first and then research the ones you think you like. You can get more info from the guys here on those units. I suggest color, combo gps comes in handy if you want to repeat going over a spot. Good luck
  12. Hers is a good local surveyor http://www.digitalmarinesurveys.com/
  13. Oops, my bad .....I thought I read DSI.......anyways Ray's right! stay away from Fish- Id's and a lot of the auto modes
  14. Yes to what Ray says.... also the downscan feature you have is different looking than most graphs..... it's a learning curve. This was brought up before viewtopic.php?f=3&t=24902 There are dozens of video's out there for structure scan by lowrance check them out to help you interpret your graph
  15. Might be worth the trip out to Narby's and Captains Cove .. Oak Orchard to the west and Warren's hook, line & sinker at Sodus Point and Screwy Louie's, Fair Haven to the east..................and further to the east.....Fat Nancy's in Oswego Have Fun Buying......... it's an addiction
  16. I have an HDS7 with downscan which will give a similiar picture as your elite-5. Fortunately I have LCX-25 color graph also. When looking at both I noticed the fish do not look like the the fish you are use to seeing on a regular color graph. It will take some getting use to, but it is neat in that you see things much clearer than you did before. example a bait fish blob on a regular graph versus seeing individual fish in the bait ball, seeing something on the bottom you can actually see a fallen tree with the branches not just a blob on the bottom. If you you go to "You Tube" and type in Lowrance HDS or structure scan you will get a bunch of videos not only from Lowrance but guys that are using this equipment, and hopefully you will get a better idea of what your looking for. Good luck
  17. Good looking mount, Paul
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