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  1. All the best lads,I'm heading out in the morning for a little steelie trib fishing(we have a trib or 2 up here with yr round open sections).
  2. Not much load on that wire diver roller rod Stix,was it tripped :?: Lookin slick
  3. When the fog cleared.............
  4. Stix,you have a close up of that blade,it has a silver cup?
  5. Manufactured in Wiarton Ontario. Super slow action spoon,will spin out after 2.2 mph.
  6. Rac spoons in the mag(glo snow ball) were very consistent for other boats this season on the north shore,aswell as Silver Foxes.
  7. Silver Streak mags were super hot in april & may this past spring in the niagara area(when the alewife were spawning). The rest of the season was a flasher/dodger fly bite for us,but then again,that was what we washed most fo the time..........
  8. Fishmas Greetings & play safe :!: :!:
  9. Boiling works very well,thread the tubes over a broom handle to cool...
  10. John,if your e-mail is through your cable provider,contact them about filtering. Up here,alot of spam mail is automatically dumped,before it hits my inbox. H.I.H.
  11. #1 diver + regular ring pulling a flasher/fly at 2.5 mph down speed. We wait for the zip,zip,zip of the drag
  12. A-TOM-MIK Hammer fly with Dalmation Spin Doctor.........
  13. Purple Thunder blank with glo & silver ladders. Excellent low light King combo.
  14. Patriot Spoon.............
  15. They get a lot more graphic..................
  16. A guy at work used to buy pink shirts all the time,finally his girlfriend asked him why,he thought they were grey. Good idea Shellback.
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