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  1. Looks good,maybe a # users in the chatroom button at the top of the main forum page,so at a quick glance,we know if anyone is in.
  2. Heard it was a zoo off Gilford on the weekend,good show. Some guys were out in the deep,in Kempenfelt Bay,getting whities & lakers in 80 fow..........
  3. Yup,it appears the 2 owners of the forum went seperate ways. The admins are in the process of setting it up again. BTW,perch action in Cooks Bay is heating up nicely(4 inches of ice over 30 fow). H.I.H.
  4. HPT(Hologram Purple Thunder) Good low light King bait. Click on image for full size:
  5. Now there's a man with his priorities set up right :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:
  6. OBD here,the heartlands I've used on other boats seem a tad on the stiff side,and don't load up nicely with a diver(IMO)
  7. April 28 & 29 as per the post on spoonpullers. Observers are now required.
  8. I like my fish the way I like my music,heavy. Old Metallica,Slayer,etc,etc.
  9. The Scotty powergrips perform flawlessly,even with fleaflicker(no line damage). Their powergrip stacker clips are also sweet,one handed operate to attach/remove from the cable.
  10. Could be a bad cookie,try deleted all your cookies & temp files.
  11. Janz,tighten up the cast control knob(underneath the stardrag),no more click click click.
  12. It could be fishing related,just add a couple rocket launchers
  13. The Tekotas are so much more smoother(retrieve & drag). I let a buddy fight a king on one of mine last season,he now owns a couple & his Daiwa's are back up reels. On the tournament boat we fish on,if a full core(tekota 700's) or copper rig(tekota 800's) goes off,we don't run for the cuddy like in the past. Well worth the extra $$$ IMO.
  14. Very nice Rich,gotta luv the sunrise shots
  15. Was really surprised there was very few really big sharks last fall,when the 4 yr old class at the Niagara in the spring was averaging over 20 lbs. Largest entered during the spring Scotty Tourney(last weekend in April) was just under 28 lbs. Where did they go :?: :?:
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