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  1. FWIW,we've been taking Kings at night off the pierheads on the north shore for the last 2 weeks.
  2. Blue water aka blue zone. Once you leave the Bronte pierheads,head in a S/SE direction until you hit 350 + fow(20-25 minute run @ 30 mph). The water has that bluish tinge to it ,thus the Blue Zone. Most of the times your fishing in the top 60 ft ,lots of bows,some coho,and the odd King being taken. Spoons rule the program out in the blue. H.I.H.
  3. Flea build up :?: :?: Check this out from the western basin this past Thursday morning. 5 ft string on 30 lb wire diver(1 hr accumulation).
  4. Oh so true SWII,it's been the slowest I've seen it this season,this past week. Boats in the western basin averaging 1 or less mature in a morning,bad or no picture aswell(but the bait & temps are still very good). Boats running out 12-15 miles(blue zone) that are in the G.O.S.D. derby(Kings only) just to move rods with bows and 2 yr old Kings.
  5. Western basin still has them bad :x
  6. Bounced between 21 & 22 lbs Mark,west end is super slow now,guess all those matures are heading home
  7. This hot combo at the Oak is also producing in the western basin.....
  8. Scotty power locks are all I use,no line damage with the FF
  9. #322 Inticer flasher(it's a UV) is all I use infront of the A-TOM-MIK T100. Always off the wire diver(black diver),8-9 ft leader from disk to flasher.
  10. Thx Tom,with the stagers,toss the down temp out the window,and fish the marks on your graph(unless their high in the water column like yesterday-blank screen). Thunder/lightning over here this morning,looks like the trip today is done :x :x
  11. 23 lbs(came out of 60 F temp in 70 fow). A-TOM-MIK T100 in action.
  12. I asked the skipper that question this morning,he said to prevent the rigger line from tangling up with the probe. Also mentioned he doesn't have to pull the shark out of the water when resetting the rigger(he uses a mini gaff hook-made out of a coat hanger + handle)to grab the release in the water.
  13. Yes Tom,that's a 3 ft release clip off the shark below the probe,never had a tangle with it.
  14. Thx bud,our largest today was 27.3(I'll get the pic up when I receive it from Ross). Storm coming up tonight,not sure if we'll make it out in the morning,we'll see. :?
  15. Started holidays yesterday,off till the 18th. Prior to my holidays,this bulls prick(I go where I'm shoved) hasn't missed a days work this year
  16. We had 5 ft strings on the wire divers this morning,after a 1/2 hr. :shock: :shock: FF on the rigger rods produced next to no flea build up.
  17. NW basin,released,need a 29+ to make the top 10 in the derby. A-TOM-MIK #T102...
  18. JAM,I've found the T#100 produces the best during bright/high sun conditions in the greener water(in the NW basin). I usually pull it with the #223 Inticer flasher(UV green with crushed ice/silver waffle).
  19. Pictures courtesy of A-TOM-MIK Manufacturing. Hawg Wild... Fried Bacon..... H.I.H.
  20. Looks like a T126(ProAm) fly to me,nice bow Mark
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