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  1. I'm also waiting to see what it looks like. Get those 42nd spoons in the water WB
  2. From the A-TOM-MIK Reports page: Per Request Top 10 fly patterns in the last week, in order of total fly sales for 7 days 1) #102 Hammer (Internet sales influence) 2) #106 Big Fin Fly 3) #096 TG Fly 4) #041 Ultra Green Glow 5) #110 Ace Fly (Internet sales influence) 6) #097 Mirage (Canadian sales & distributorship sales influence) 7) #119 Glow Hammer #023 Crinkle Green 9) #022 Powder Blue 10) #068 Black/Purple/Glow (Canadian sales influence) H.I.H.
  3. Clarke,yes,their the 8 inch. They've added bubble tape to their line up this season.
  4. 70 lbs(Article Here)..............
  5. Glow Frog LJ dodger with A-TOM-MIK #96(TG fly)was very consistent during bright conditions last season.
  6. Check your PM,my original follow up was deleted :?: :?: :?:
  7. West of there,Bronte & Port Credit is really heating up(larger avg sized Kings than the Niagara area currently). Know of a couple 26's taken the last couple days,mainly a spoon bite.
  8. Us canucks are taking Kings out over 180-250 fow(west of the Bar),with the bigger Kings(20-22 lb avg) coming 100-120 ft down. No specific pattern,one day it's a spoon bite,the next a fly bite. Mix it up each day until you figure them out. H.I.H.
  9. Not sure if it's 30+,but a quality target for sure!! Now if they only had a weigh in station for the LOC on the Cdn side..........
  10. We use 20 lb mono,had 2 Kings last Saturday go over 200 yrds,their in their prime right now.
  11. We were out on Saturday morning(May 5th),the Kings are moving in........
  12. Same regs apply to the Cdn side,2 rods per angler in the boat. So you can use 6 rods. Here's a map with a basic idea on where to fish(anywhere from Fort Mississauga to Hamilton). You'll see the boats......................
  13. Just the odd King(12-16 lb range) skooting around on the Cdn side currently. A far cry from this time last yr. It might be a very tough bite for the Scotty tourney this coming weekend.
  14. Adding a extention to the net handle helps greatly with those 8,10 or 12 ft leaders off the diver. I'd rather put up with the netting issue with a long leader than looking at the diver rods,wondering why they wont go.................... I notice not many guys use net clips to hold the bag out of the way while netting fish off the transom??
  15. XR10 X Raps(the hot colors) were very consistent off the cores last April/May in the SW basin. Change those stock wimpy hooks to #4 Owner ST 41's(same with Bomber longA 15's). Excellent sticks,but they only last 2-3 Kings,then their punctured or totally destroyed.
  16. Agree with waterlogged,very tough to beat those 2 ports in April.
  17. Looks like bright yellow to me Eric
  18. Used the tandem 4/0 beaks for 3 yrs now. No worries about Mr.King pinching the leader off too.
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