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  1. Run your divers on a #3 or #3 1/2 setting(with standard ring)out anywhere from 100 to 200 ft out. Greens and glow colors have been producing.
  2. Put a wigglefin action disc infront of a fly and the action is increased. The action discs(available at A-TOM-MIK ) have been out for years. :idea:
  3. A 35 lb King was taken off Port Credit this past Sat morning(new grand prize leader in the G.O.S.D.). Currently,100 fow(top 60 ft) East of the mouth is producing fish. WARNING: The derby is in full swing,so it's best to fish weekdays,as weekends can be less than fun :evil: :evil: Mag spoons early,then flasher/fly as the spoons die off(but that can change daily). You will be using mono divers,or braid or wire??
  4. Still swimming,was dropped shortly after pausing the camera. :| :|
  5. I noticed on a tournament boat I used to fish on when comparing the RR's and a 10 lb shark,that the RR's had way more blow back(especially below 50 ft). You're fishing deep,stay with the sharks,top 45 ft,the RR's are neat(can see the turbulence they create on the graph). H.I.H.
  6. Take a black sharpy and right on the side of the reel 400,500 or 600. Know at a glance Plus it's easy to wipe/clean off if you change the length. H.I.H.
  7. Eze-Lap Diamond Hone Been using the LM Medium Grit 400 hone for the last couple years,fantastic hone. Any hook that has been chromed becomes dull after the process. I check all new hooks,and use the thumb nail test(hook point can't slide across the nail=perfect).
  8. Found this on google: Various Depth Charts #1 Dipsy, with ring, set on #3 5 passes 35 feet back 18 feet down 7 passes 50 feet back 24 feet down 10 passes 70 feet back 30 feet down 12 passes 85 feet back 35 feet down 15 passes 105 feet back 40 feet down 17 passes 120 feet back 45 feet down 20 passes 140 feet back 50 feet down 22 passes 155 feet back 55 feet down 25 passes 175 feet back 60 feet down 27 passes 190 feet back 62 feet down 30 passes 210 feet back 64 feet down
  9. Looks like their definately bigger fish compared to last year. Maybe see a 40 this year :?: :?:
  10. Well done J,our north west corner has ice on top now(47 F),looks like it's scouting time for us in the morning.
  11. 30 lb mono might be adequate for spiny water fleas but fish hook fleas collect on it like a hobo on a hotdog. Fish hooks gather on your rigger cables too(seen them up to golf ball sized globs). Only solution we've found is 30 lb Flea Flicker(we put up with the line twist-cut & retie often) . Fish hook fleas on regular 30 lb mono..............
  12. Town pumps are $5.11/gallon right now up here,scared to look at the marina pumps................. :shock: :shock: :shock:
  13. That 27.56 lb King won Greg $5500 cash + 4 sponsor carry over day prizes. Not bad for one days work. Greg also leads the $500/day derby(Kings have to be 25 lbs + to weigh in through the month of June) with the big fish overall,at 28.00 lbs even. Good show Al & Greg
  14. Steve D,you have a PM regarding contact information.
  15. Thread a large 10 mm plastic bead onto the wire before attaching the cross lock swivel. The bead acts as a bumper for the swivel so you can reel the diver right to the twili tip and not have the swivel jam into the tip. H.I.H.
  16. My go to mupp presentation has been 42 nd spoons(mag alum flash spoon with 28 below it-low light conditions and clear water). Mupped fishlander glo easter eggs were hot(sizzlin) for me in July last season in the green water. I use a 12 ft lead for the target spoon from the ball release,lower ball 7 ft,then add the 6 ft fixed slider/larger attracter spoon. I use the Stingease Super Stakr for fixed sliders/mupp rigs. When your marking streakers coming up to your riggers,get a mupp down there.
  17. Fabcoach,check your PM. SW corner of the lake is where you want to be currently.
  18. Congrats to Marbleyes(Darren) who weighed in a 23 lb King into the St.Kitts derby,taken yesterday in the SW basin,will post pic when received. Lots of high teens,low 20's being reported.
  19. Regular town gas up here yesterday was $1.20/litre,which turns out to be $4.64/gallon(ie:exchange rate is at par). The way it's going,marina pumps will be over $5/gallon up here this season. :shock: :shock: :shock:
  20. Here's the # for a non resident license: 1-800-667-1940. H.I.H.
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