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  1. Army - 1966 - 1967 & damn proud of it. God Bless America!!!
  2. Out of sight, out of mind. I'm not just over the hill, I"m off the board.
  3. This don't look good. 1946 here. I hope I'm not the "old fart of the forum."
  4. Hey hermit, I believe it was nylandshark who was the one who had his motor down to Utica. Send him an email or PM for the outcome.
  5. I don't have a single problem with the site neither. I'm here off and on several times during the day and night and only log in the first time. Check your settings and I'm sure you'll find it works just fine.
  6. The "Herve" standard: http://members.tripod.com/~jerkbait/articles/herv.html
  7. You can tell I'm getting bored. Is it April yet? Mine's Bluegrass, mixed in with old country.
  8. I use DuBro releases which are almost identical to Black's but less expensive. I have to thank drlfc for putting me onto them. Thanks Doc, they work great! I use them with or without rubber bands, but mostly with the bands. What's also nice about them is they attach to the rigger cable "above" the ball which keeps it tracking as straight as possible.
  9. Fantastic "eye"!!! Nice job Ethan. You're a good fisherman.
  10. They'd have to be pretty small. The shrimp were only about a quarter inch long.
  11. Apparently they've been in Oneida Lake for at least a few years. We were catching nice size perch there about 3 years ago and they were spitting up those red shrimp in the live well. We didn't know at the time that it was shrimp. We thought it was some kind of a grub or something. The walleye were spitting them up too. They must have entered Oneida lake thru the canal system that comes out of Lake Ontario. And we're just hearing about it now?
  12. Thanks Longline. There's some good articles there to pass the winter away.
  13. Nope, I ain't even going there.
  14. turp, sent you an email.
  15. Thanks for the info stinger but I have to go used. I was just window shopping and dreaming about new.
  16. The link took me to the motors page, but if you're talking about that 19 footer, I've thought about it but my mind is pretty much set on a 22 footer with a hardtop and outboard. It doesn't necessarily have to be an Islander, but a cuddy would also come in handy when I take my g/f or sisters out. (potty breaks). I'm still looking and appreciate the help you've given me by keeping your eyes open for me. Thanks I probably will try to get a set of used electrics if things don't pan out by May. I plan on being out for the browns in April. I'm retired now so I don't have to be weather dependant on the weekends anymore. Hope to see you on the water this year.
  17. Anyone know if Cannon makes a kit for manual riggers to change over to electric or is it less expensive to just bite the bullet and buy electrics? Not sure what I'm going to do as far as getting a bigger boat this Spring so I might as well do some window shopping to update what I've got.
  18. Just as well. I'll keep it on a back burner till I hit the lottery.
  19. I don't have any idea how much it covers. A quick email or call to the company ought to be able to tell you. You might also check in your area for a "Rhino-Liner" dealer to see if they have applied that stuff to any boats and what the price was. That Durabak looks easy enough to use but like you say how much more than a gallon would you need. Good luck and let us know how you made out.
  20. Check this out as a replacement for the rug: http://www.durabakcompany.com/google-durabak.htm Some guys on another site recommended it highly.
  21. I'm afraid to ask, but what was the price? :shock:
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