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  1. Cayuga 8/27 PM Slow pick but quality over quantity! Riggers were dead. Divers out 265 with green dot spinnies and green Big Weenies did the damage. Lakers were all 10 to 12 lbs and a new boat record 31 inch 14 lb Land locked! Fished a mile north and south of Sheldrake. Screen was loaded with bait and fish. RR
  2. For the first time this summer my 10 color cores were silent on Sat. I had temp down 65 feet so the cores are up too high. I did get 3 bows on pink spoons 70 down over 200. You want bows? Pink is your color. We had a nice steady pick of lakers and LL's all the way up to 1:00. Divers out 265 and riggers down 70 with sliders. The fish didn't seem to be on the temp break as usual. They were below it about 5 to 10 feet. RR
  3. If you are just running divers, look into the smart troll.
  4. Sunday trolling north on the west side at 1.5 mph on top was 3.0 at the ball down 45. Fish hawk is necessary. Save up for one. Its worth it. I'm not even fishing using my sonar. I'm locking everything between 59 and 55 degrees. 2.3 to 2.7 at the ball. Cant miss. RR
  5. Sheldrake to the silos.
  6. What do you tell a customer that wants his big salmon filleted? I leave a skin tag on. Smaller salmon I just gut.
  7. Never been checked for fish 20 + years. DEC is even rarely out on the lake. I've been checked for license and safety equipment only. Once. RR
  8. Yep Salmon and Bows very nice this year! Took several of each on Sunday.
  9. Cayuga Report Was out with 2 trips on Sunday. Fishing was very good. North end. Temp break was about 35 foot. Parked my riggers at 40 foot with sliders and the silvers were chewing good. Had 3 salmon 5, 7 and 8 lbs. A 6lb brown. 2, bows 5 and 10 lbs. Weeded through a ton of short silvers and the lakers were up there too. I did have the divers out 275 and did a few lakers there but it was better out 160. Green dot spinnies with green flies. Warrior flutter spoons in purple alwife and firetiger with gold cups on the riggers and sliders. 10 color core down the chute with a watermellon spoon took a lot of fish too. I was out sunday the 9th and Monday the 10th with similar results. Fishing the same spread. I'm off for a couple weeks but will be out quite a bit in August. Good luck to all. RR
  10. I do mine out in the middle of the lake. However I cut them up as my customers request and leave a skin tag for ID. Its never been an issue. RR
  11. Garmin GPS MAP 215 Head Unit Looking for an old Garmin GPS MAP 215 Head Unit. Mine crapped out. It was a back up but I used it. Cant buy stand alone GPS's any more. Do not need a combo. If ya got one laying around, let me know. Thanks RR
  12. The silvers are all coming up top for me. Nothing below 25 foot. Even out over 250 fow. You wont mark them, they are there! 50 ft back off the riggers, medium diving cranks of the flat lines. Alwifes are in spawning now. Just saw the first batch on sat morning off my dock.
  13. Flat lines were good on Sunday. F7 in firetiger. Also I had my riggers 50 back down 17 to 20. Divers out 50 and 60 with spoons. I fished 30 to 60 fow but took fish out to 150. I didn't fish deep at all. Had a very good trip with a 30 inch bow as the best fish of the day. Salmon, Lakers and bows allup top.
  14. I'm all set. This is a great board. Thanks Marty
  15. Observer needed for WHI Sat May 13th I'm in need. Please PM me if interested. Some signals got crossed. Pay 100 bucks. Can fish with us on Friday the 12th if you want to. RR
  16. Holy Moly! Never seen a tiger on Cayuga! 40 years of fishing. Very cool!
  17. Definitely. I've had a lot of work done there. When I had my islander he made me a mooring cover so I didn't have to take my top down to put the travel cover on. Superb! that was about 400 bucks. Cliff just re-upholstered my side rails. Beauty and 150 bucks!
  18. C and C Canvas in Lansing but I did a cover for my 19 ft it was about 800 bucks. Worth it though.
  19. Well My secret is out then. I run nothing but Warrior flutter spoons and have so for the last 3 years. Spanked the fish this year on them. Congrats Rollie. I won a lot of money this year too. It was a fun season. See you guys in the spring. RR
  20. 55 degree water was down 40 to 45 feet last night and it was fantastic fishing. I fished the divers and the riggers 40 to 55 down. Had some young fellas with me and their dad. They had a blast! Nice salmon and nice lakers including a 13lber. 90 to 150 fow. RR
  21. Pretty choppy in the mornings. Decent fishing. Skinny water has a lot of small landlocks and I fished that briefly and headed out deeper. Morning bite was slow and that happens every time there is a full moon and clear conditions. The mid morning bite was very good with the riggers parked in the 55 degree water with sliders. Gold or copper cupped spoons in orange, pink and green did some lakers and some salmon with sliders in pink did some really nice bows. Divers out 225 to 250 with green paddles and with white files took some dandy lakers mid morning and never shut off. Last week I had a good laker bite at Deans in 90 to 120 but this week they were completely gone. Most fish were caught in 200 to 250 fow. We had several landlocks 6 to 8 lbs and bows were right around the 5lb mark. Lakers were in the 6 to 10 lb range. Not fast and furious but a good steady pick of quality fish from 9:30 to 2:00. I wont be out next weekend, headed to the Mirimachi river for some Atlantic Salmon fishing. Be back for the 4th of July with a few more charters. Good fishing to all. RR
  22. I have a fish hawk and it can be more important than spoon selection. Speed at the ball is crucial especially on the FL's. I have been running anywhere from 2.4 to 2.9 at the ball. The GPS speed can be from 2.0 to 3.3. Faster has been better lately. I put out 4 to 5 inch spoons on my riggers and cheat with 3 to 4 in spoons. I wont go larger than that. Smaller spoons on the cheaters. RR
  23. I had small amounts of fleas on my divers on sat. Early this year.
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