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  1. I think the major flea outbreak is over on Cayuga. Same thing as last year. It was horrible for a few weeks in July then it dropped off to a slight nuisance in August.
  2. Fleas were not as bad this weekend as they were last week.
  3. Algae. Fishing is always tougher on a clear full moon. Fish feed at night. However, I had very good fishing Sat around Long Point. The fish were deeper for me. 75 to 90 down. That bite died around 9:30 so I ventured over and fished towards Sheldrake and got into the salmon. Some very nice ones 4 to 6 lbs. 75 down back 5 with a white protroll and a big weenie Seneca ghost. We did lakers too but they were smaller then the nice 7 to 10 lbers over at LP. I'll be back out sunday. I was fishing 120 to 150 FOW. My spoons were dead, almost all fish were on protrolls. Spinnys were dead too.
  4. Believe me, don't use mono on deep divers especially FF ot the Blood run Sea flea. Fleas are bad for my wires, 30 lb big game has been fine. I've seen it worse. RR
  5. I always run flasher flies off my divers on Cayuga. Its funny though sometimes they want the spinny and sometimes they want the pro troll. I start out running one of each. Then switch to whats working. RR
  6. I run my divers on 2.5. I figure 80 to 85 at 240 to 260. 220 is around 70 to 75. I have been keeping my speed around 2.4 to 2.6 on the GPS. Green on Green has been the best and spoons are green with a copper or gold back. Also Chicken wing with a gold back is good. I have been fishing 85 to 130fow. BUT... The weekend before I was fishing east to west going 220 to 220 in a big circle but we had a good west wind that weekend. That didn't work as well this weekend. I also did well last evening fishing Kingtown thru Rocky dock. 80 to 140 same rigs. If you have a radio you can always call me on 68. I will be out on sat only this coming weekend. Most likely be working long point but depends on the wind. RR
  7. I hammerd the fish there on Sat. Try setting your divers deeper. First thing in the morning, I have them out 220 as the sun get higher, 240 to 260. I ran my riggers 50-60 with sliders. Lead cores were dead. RR
  8. I hope you are making out well! A hoist that size should be about 3K or so new. 1.75 to 2K used. RR
  9. Boating advisory on Cayuga and Seneca. Its high and bad. I've lost 4 charters due to this mess. Boat is stuck in the lift until the water comes down enough to make the repair that was caused by the storms. This stinks!
  10. Have you been eyeballing my program! LOL Spot on!
  11. It will get better very soon fellas!
  12. The fishing was terrible this weekend. Just terrible. I hit it hard from Ithaca to the plant. Both sides, all depths. 53 degree water everywhere. Should be much better next week with the warm temps predicted for the week. Its very interesting fishing between Cayuga and Seneca. I ran flat lines, cores, divers, riggers. Covering the entire water column, shallow and deep. Everyone I know that was out caught zip! RR
  13. Was that weighed in at sodus?
  14. I live next to what used to be the best smelt creek on Cayuga. Its private, my neighbor owns it. There hasn't been a single smelt in it many years. I believe they have declined due to the Zebra and Quagga mussels infestation. I know where there are a few, but I leave them alone and don't spill the beans.
  15. Its still really low. Its going to be a few weeks at least before the larger boats can launch. RR
  16. Be very careful if heading towards the south end. The ice is finally starting to break up and there are some icebergs floating around. The ice pack is still up Esty road quite a ways. If a south wind blows, watch out for the ice flows. RR
  17. Trailer is in excellent shape! Good tires (14 inch), rims, bunks, springs and new wiring and lights. Also has a good spare tire. Takes a 2 inch ball. Good for up to at 19 ft boat. 500 bucks. RR
  18. This is what I didSent from my HTC6435LVW using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  19. Yes they are Jeff. Sent from my HTC6435LVW using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  20. The 2 singles worked great for me. Depends on your access to the front of the boat. The boards worked just fine. I just retired my set. Ran them for years. Sent from my HTC6435LVW using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  21. Low water and very few fish. I've been hitting it hard since Oct 15th. I've caught 1 salmon and 3 browns for 15 fishing days. I'd go somewhere else unless it rains like beck for 3 days. Sent from my HTC6435LVW using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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