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  1. attheoak and the noaa forecast for me.
  2. Welcome aboard!!! I would like to recommend Diawa heartland dipsy/ heavy downrigger rods ( 9'6" ones ) and sealine 47LC reels. Use powerpro and standard sized dipsys. You should be able to run 4 off the boat with no problem. You will probably be spending $130 each on the combos. Set the inboard dipsys on a " 1 " setting and the outboard ones on a " 3 " setting to get them away from each other. Search this site and you will come up with a ton of good info. lures, flashers, speed - all are right here on this site. Try to contact anyone in the area you are going to fish and follow them for a day, either in seperate boats and chatting on the radio or on their boat.
  3. Bump to the top, reasonable offers will be considered. Mike
  4. Narby's and captains cove for me. Gander and Dicks are a waste for the most part. They always have a ton of stuff, but never what you are looking for..
  5. Motoman, Steelies/rainbows will hit just about anything that you troll behind the boat. they also tend to be a bit higher in the water than kings, and you can troll faster if you like- say up to 2.7 or even 2.8mph. My favorite steelhead lures are anything you see on this board for kings and rapala J-7 to j-9 jointed plug in silver/ black, rainbow, firetiger, and blue/silver. They aren't boat shy, I've had them hit lures that I was setting out for the riggers and they were right on the surface 20-30 feet behind the boat- ripping the line right out of my hand!!! There are few nicer fish to catch, they jump like crazy and fight like no tomorrow. I'd bet pound for pound they are as much fun to catch as kings. Have fun and stay safe. I occasionally run dodgers, usually plain silver luhr jensen 6" ones placed 30-36" in front of the spoon or plug.
  6. We put in around 5:30 am and headed out to 100FOW to set up. Found good temp at around 60-65 feet down. headed deep out to 220 FOW over the course of the morning. One nice double on kings around 6:30 am in 150 FOW, one on the wire dipsy and another on a rigger. The glowfrog NK has been our best lure this year. The dipsy fish was on a white glow SD with a white fly. The larger king was 20+, the smaller one around 8-10 pounds. Reset the dipsy rod and it fired again, then went slack..... :roll: reeled in the bare wire. lost everything!!!!! :evil: Must have gotten a kink and we didn't check it from the previous fish...there goes $25 worth of tackle to the bottom of the lake. Two more small kings in 160-170 FOW about 40-45 down both on the glow frog NK with a LJ dodger in front of it. The temp seemed to get higher the deeper we went. In 200 FOW the good temp was only 35 feet down and we picked up a 6 pound rainbow on a NK NBK green size 28 - 35' down and 100 feet back on a rigger. Nothing the rest of the morning. The fishing completely shut down for us after 9:00 am.
  7. I like the Daiwa Heartland 9'6" dipsy rods, we have replaced the tips with twilli's. We use Diawa sealine 47LC reels and they have been great.
  8. Additional info: The motor is a four stroke, with a tiller handle; a perfect kicker motor for trolling!!! Comes with a factory 3 gallon gas can and fuel line.
  9. I haven't been out in a week or so but it appears that some are being succesful in 35-50 FOW for browns. Use long leads and run 30-40 feet down. I almost always head west towards the park and we usually do fairly well. Finding a good temperature out there will probably be the only problem. Wish I could get out there tonight...
  10. Glad to hear that you gentlemen are doing fairly well even with the temp being off. I would love to be out there this week, but between the hilton carnival, the moody blues, a family party and the spencerport canal days it looks like the wife is in charge of my weekend activities.... Perhaps sunday morning....I can sneak out real early... Good luck and stay safe!!
  11. For sale: 1 nearly new 2003 ( or is it a 2004?) honda BF5 5 HP 20" shaft outboard. Pull start. My father purchased the motor for use on the boat for Hemlock lake ( restricted to 10 HP or less ) and has only used it 4 or 5 times. Easily less than 20 hours on the motor, stored inside year round. Purchased new for $1600. $1100 BO Please email me at [email protected] Motor is located in Bergen/ Churchville or I can bring it to brockport to hear run.
  12. LT troller, don't worry much about the wire not being productive for us this trip, usually it is equal to our riggers. perhaps we were running the dipsys too shallow, too slow or something. Spin doctors tend to be speed sensitive to get just the right kick to them and we were obviously off sunday... we are going to try to get out wednesday night if the weather is nice. we'll be on channel 72, if dad recharges the radio.....it died after an hour or two sunday morning.. The $4 reward is for the fish, not the spoon!!!! It has been an while that we have had a king that we couldn't even move like that. dad is no longer in charge of tying on the terminal tackle as the knot slipped on the big king.
  13. We run 30 LB PP for our spring dipsy rods and they load up pretty quickly once the fleas show up. We switch to wire usually in the middle of July and put the PP dipsy rods away for the season. I would guess that 50 or 65lb PP would be a bit better for fleas - however you can't get as deep as wire line as easily.
  14. Tank, We are about the same as you - we keep no more than one fish a trip and we get out there mabye once or twice a week. We usually only keep a 6-10 pounder if we get one in that range. We never keep mature ones and try to minimize the time out of the water for them to avoid stressing them too much.
  15. We put in around 5:30 and headed out to the water tower and set up in around 80 FOW. We worked out way out to 150 and found a nice temp break around 85-90 down for most of the morning. The current seemed to be better for us than previous trips. a NK28 glow frog was the lure of the day with 4 kings going for it - 90 down on the DR counter - actually about 85 down. we ran longer than usual leads - up to 40 feet. A NK28 habenero, a NK glow NBK green, and a NK28 watermelon each caught one fish each. All were run between 80-90 down over 140-150 fow. We lost a monster king that dad worked for 30 minutes and never even got to see it. He ended up taking my glow frog with him when he finally broke off. A $4 reward is now posted for anyone that catches a large king with my lure in its mouth. We ended the day by running in shallower and caught a laker on the bottom in 95 FOW on a plain silver NK with a green diag stripe on it. The SD's and flies on the wire dipsy rods did not get one hit all day - it was totally a rigger bite for us. All in all we ended the day with 7 6-12 pound kings and one laker. Lost probably 3 or 4 more. one went home with us to the smoker. We saw a good number of boats catching fish out there.
  16. Glad to hear that you did well gambler. we will be out there again tomorrow morning at 5 am if the wind is favorable. Give us a shout on 72 if you see a 16' tan polarkraft with a honda on the back. The lampreys have been bad this year. we have probably had a dozen on fish already.
  17. We change to the quick action holes in our SDs and typically run the flies on 40 or 50lb mono 19-20" back and they have a nice kick to them at 2.2mph.
  18. Most of our hits were on a west/north west troll. We have a speedo and gps speed on the boat and guess the downrigger speed by the angles of the cables and the pull on the dipsy rods. Trolling east was tough for us last night to get a constant speed - I think we had to do about 3.2-3.4 going east to get the right pull on the rods. If out boat was worth it I would get a subtroll or a fish hawk, but it is so small we would have no where to put the screen...LOL Glad to hear that you did fairly well!! Sorry to hear about your 'adventure' on the lake fishinman. losing gear is no fun at all..
  19. Nice idea gentlemen, I'll try it off the downrigger cable next time.
  20. We were on the water by 4pm and headed west toward the beach, set in 80FOW and slowly worked out way out to 150. The temp range was erratic and we had a hard time with the currents when we changed direction. The temp seemed to be better around 150 or so but we saw very few marks on the FF. We tried all the usual lures, flashers, spin doctors and flies with pretty poor results. Two good hits on a glow white SD with a glow white echip on a wire dipsy rod, 200 & 225 feet out over 125 FOW. No one home by the time we grabbed the rod. One nice laker on a watermelon hologram NK28 80 feet down over 110FOW on a rigger rod. one other hit on the same lure but we lost it quickly. We ended the night by moving in shallow - 65-70 FOW and lenghtening the leads and raising the lures, looking for rainbows or browns, we caught two small rainbows at the end of the evening. Had a quick chat with Persistance and Bandit, we hope you guys did better then we did...
  21. IIRC Seager marine has one in their showroom. I like the layout of the 18 and 20' anglers. Lets see here, where is that link ....? Here it is: http://www.seagermarine.com/2004/conten ... _inventory Lund makes one of the best aluminum boats out there. The angler looks like it would be perfect for LO
  22. We still have one that we bought from cabelas and it is still working fine. It is easy to use and fairly accurate. It is nice to weigh it down and slide it down the dipsy wire to get a true temp and depth reading, rather than having to guess with the 3 to 1 rule for wire and dipsys. The Vexilar looks like a good idea too, we just can't see spending the money on a down speed and temp probe.
  23. I occasionally run either a sliding cheater or a fixed cheater. The way I run a fixed one is fairly easy: 1. Let out your line, attach to the canon ball release and let the ball down about 10' or so. 2. Grab the mono main line and tie a small rubber band on it. 3. take your cheater leader and pass the swivel through the loop in the rubber band and snap it onto the mono main line. 4.Lower the cannon ball to the desired depth. 5. catch fish, lots of fish!!! So far I have had great success with steps 1. - 4. I am still having difficulty with step 5. The rubber band holds the cheater at the desired place on the main mono line. I usually place a fixed cheater 10' above the lower spoon. When you catch a fish on the cheater it will slide down to the lower spoon so tangles are possible, if you catch a fish on the lower spoon then simply unclip the cheater leader as you reel it in. The rubber band can easily pass into your reel without causing problems.
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