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  1. Spent Fri., Sat., and Sunday pounding the waters or Erie out of Barcelona Harbor. Fishing was decent, although we didn't get the numbers of eyes were used to getting out there. Best day was 8 eyes and 2 lakers.. but we did end up with four eyes over nine pounds. Didn't really find a hot spot.. just picked away at them. Best depth was about 90 feet.. fishing 40 to 50 down. Stick baits caught most of them, but we gave up on worm harnesses because of the white bass. The laker fishing was unreal.. just hit 100 feet of more.. drop down to bottom.. and get ready. We quit catching them after a couple because of the one fish limit.. no sense in catching and releasing from 100+ feet when they're not going to revive. Hoping to get out there one more time before the big boat get put away. Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  2. Finally got the big boat wet for the first since last summer. Fired right up and everything worked perfect.. but I seem to have lost my touch. We trolled the flats from the mouth of Chaumount Bay to Tibbets Point and caught two bass. Next day we trolled from Charity Shoal to Carlton Island and caught one bass. On the way back we dropped the downriggers into the shipping channel and picked up a nice brown. Not what I'd call a banner weekend for the amount of time we put in.. but it sure beat being at work! We'll be on Erie in a couple of weeks and I have much higher expectations. I'll try to remember the camera. Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  3. My favorite for big water (Lake Erie) trolling is my home made crawler harness with #6 watermellon willow leaf blades behind a dipsy .. followed closely by Renowski's crystalina minnow also in watermellon or clown color. For fall and winter on the Susky.. I always go with a bare jighead tipped with a chartreuse split-tail.. tipped with a fathead minnow. I usually use a 1/8 oz., but sometimes go to a 1/4 if conditions dictate. Caught many large walleye on that rig! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  4. Way to go Justin! I was supposed to be on the water this weekend but my plans got messed up. At least I got to look at some nice eyes on-line. Next weekend for sure! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  5. Chad.. Congrats to both you and your wife. Seems like only yesterday I was in your shoes.. now I'm enjoying my first grandchild. Good Fishing (and parenting), Sluggo (Chris)
  6. Kuba.. We do a lot of trolling for suspended walleye and use similar gear as the Lake O guys. 30# braid on Daiwa 27 and 17 linecounters. Size 11 and 13 Rapalas work fine as well as smaller spoons, although we upsize on Lake Erie. Besides using dipsies.. as already mentioned.. I like using boards.. and usually use snap weights or keel sinkers to attain the depth I want. Don't know about the pike as I never target them, but I'd suspect that the edges of weedlines would be a good starting place. Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  7. Never made it up today.. the forecast scared us off. Next weekend I'll be on Ontario.. the following one hopefully on Otisco. Good Fishing,Sluggo (Chris)
  8. Justin.. We'll be out there tomorrow morning. We're taking my buddy's black/white 1850 Lund. He's somewhat familiar with the lake. I'll post our results. Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  9. The weekend of 8/3 is out for me, but the following one is a good possibility. I can't really be certain until the last minute as I just returned to work after a six month layoff and may get stuck with weekend coverage. It's tough being low man on the totem pole after all these years! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  10. I sure appreciate all the great reports and info you're willing to share. We will be giving it a shot in the near future. I'll let you know when we make plans.. Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  11. Nice Job! I haven't fished Otisco in years.. but those pictures sure make it tempting! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  12. Kevin.. Great job, but you're breaking my heart! I haven't had the big boat wet yet this year.. but I think we're finally heading up next weekend. I'll be fishing near the mouth of the river. How bad are the fleas up there? Should I spool up some heavy mono? Really looking forward to finally wetting a line! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  13. Great idea! If the timing's right.. I'd be interested. Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  14. Jeff .. How late and what were you drinking the night before. I caught a small sand shark on Erie last year after a night of numerous Jameson manhattins. I believe that your buddy Walt will back me up on that too! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  15. Kind of know how you feel.. but I've had the past six months off due to layoffs. Almost got used to not working and my old employer called and asked me to return. I tried to talk them into my starting around the end of Sept... but I go back tomorrow. That's a big Rrrrrr! Oh Well.. paychecks are a good thing. Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  16. Ray.. So far we've been lucky. The real heavy rain has been north and east of us. Our river's way up there, but doesn't look like she's going to spill over. DJ.. Probably a wise choice to hold off. We should be starting our journies out in about three weeks so I'll be able to post some more personal reports then. Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  17. Dennis.. We haven't found any more reliable source for weather forecasts than you use. They all seem to underestimate the wave heights. At least by heading west you can ride them back to the harbor if it's the usual west wind. As for colors.. my go to is purple or pink.. or a combo like watermellon. Good Luck.. hope the weather holds out for you. Sluggo (Chris)
  18. Dennis.. I just spoke with my buddy who charters out of Barcelona and he said the bite has been pretty slow there. He's getting some decent eyes, but the main herd hasn't arrived yet. The bite is still really hot out west around Conneaut. It shouldn't be long before it starts picking up on our end. The above post is right on as far as baits and depths, although my preference is a bit deeper water. I seem to have my best luck well west of the harbor.. between red roof and the PA line. Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  19. Great Fish! And the picture is priceless! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  20. I'd suggest driving an extra ten miles or so on the thruway to the Westfield exit and launching out of Barcelona Harbor. Much better launch and tons of parking. Only drawback is the lack of a fish cleaning station. As for the fishing tactics.. I haven't made it out there yet, but I'd skip the riggers and go with boards and dipsies. We generally start in 60 or 70 feet and work out to about 90.. watching for schools of baitfish as we go. If you find baitfish.. run just above them. Our main offerings are harnesses and Renowski's. Don't be afraid to keep some stuff up high. We've had many days out there when nothing below 30 feet would produce. You may find fish in shallower, but you'll also find lots of trashfish there as well. Good Luck, Sluggo (Chris)
  21. That's what I thought until I read the intructions. It said specifcally NOT to hook up the fluxgate compass if you're hooking up to an external GPS. Don't know why.. but maybe it gets confused with both inputs? Thanks for the replys. Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  22. We're in the process of installing a Raymarine SPX-5 autopilot in my buddy's boat. I put the exact same unit in mine, so I'm familiar with the installation. However, he's hooking his to his LCX27C Lowrance rather than the fluxgate compass. I've located the NMEA-183 wires, but can't find any info on what colors are the in-out-+or-. Anyone know before I go through hassel of trying to talk to Lowrance. Thanks.. Sluggo (Chris)
  23. Tugger.. Thanks for the report! Not sure yet, but I may be heading up this weekend but will be a bit further up, out of Mud Bay. Maybe they all headed that way! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  24. Welcome.. and congrats on your retirement! There are plenty of us "old timers" here. I'm kind of retired.. just got laid off after 33 years at the same place. I'm half-heartedly looking for a job, but at almost 65.. it's likely not going to happen. I also fished Ontario for salmon back in it's hayday, but got hooked on Erie walleye fishing a few years back and can't get enough! Anyway.. stick around.. lots of good people and a wealth of info here! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
  25. Spike.. You may want to check out Cisco. My buddy just had some holders custom made by them. Really great quality and great to deal with (according to my buddy).. but a bit pricey (according to me). Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)
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