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  1. It's over all right. It's sad to see what this country turned into in just one week. I was going to quietly disappear but the events of this weekend make it impossible. Trump is a monster. The USA is now an embarrassment around the world. Picking a trade war with Mexico. Building a useless expensive wall. Denying GREEN CARD residents (people who LIVE HERE with homes and jobs!) return when they went to visit family elsewhere. This is having real effects on real people today. Students who went home for the holidays. LEGAL RESIDENTS. Gag orders on federal offices. Official climate change denial... the stupidest one of all. What's with the war on science? When was knowledge bad? What the hell is wrong with people when the truth must be hidden and denied and not even searched for? This is what you all wanted? Hate and ignorance? Many of you probably applaud that list. Some of you did already in this thread. Sad hateful humans. Right, like Trump says? SAD! It's disgusting. I'd say I hope you get what you voted for but I'm not that mean. I just don't get it. It's always been tough being a liberal sportsman. Usually I just keep quiet because I want to enjoy the sport and not argue. I'm not out there for politics. But it's impossible with random people saying racist things and assuming I'm okay with it because I'm white and have a beard. The level of hate and bigotry I've seen this year while simply trying to fish has skyrocketed. Honestly it's kept me from fishing much since the election. I don't want to go out there and have some ignorant a hole tell me how Hillary is running a child p o r n ring out of a pizza restaurant. (Yes this is a big thing if you are lucky enough to not have heard it, and I got lectured on it in December.) It's simply not true and it's mind boggling some of the things people say and believe. Even on this thread. I doubt I'll be back to check replies. There's no arguing with the special kind of ignorance on display here. I just pray sane minds can pull us back from the brink. But the era of America as a beacon of Democracy and a country to look up to is over. Just look at the world's reaction to this travesty. This isn't making America great again. This is making America hate again. All of you who just got incredibly angry at me.... maybe stop watching Fox News and think for yourselves. Trump has lied to you dozens of times already. Verifiable lies. On video. Be mad at me... or go watch something and learn. THINK FOR YOURSELVES Edited to spell p o r n to defeat censure
  2. Thanks for the update, great to know giants could be in the backyard!
  3. Wow awesome! I'm near the park and there are lots of nice deer in this area... some really good woods around here Edit: I'm going to ask my neighbor, he's one of those guys who knows everyone. Being a UPS driver helps with that too
  4. Must be some movement today, three guys (make that four) in the last ten minutes have started early. One blasting away 5 times like a champ
  5. 7R 3 shots total until 5 minutes ago. Now 4 different guys around the valley have shot in the last 5 minutes, sounds like my neighbor too
  6. Blam! First one... everyone around here waited this year
  7. Lots of good captains on Cayuga too, and this year Cayuga had better fishing. What that means for next year is a good question but something to think about.
  8. 7R have a nice 8 following a doe in the yard Hahaha my cat just ran him off, chased right after him
  9. It doesn't take a drug addict to pick up a bow in a parking area. A lot of guys reading this would keep it and not think twice. Put up a notice where you left it and maybe you'll get lucky. A lot of guys would also return it if they knew whose it was.
  10. Three years ago now I noticed a young doe with a busted ankle/fetlock. She couldn't put any weight on it and it looked like bone was showing. It was literally flopping around. Right about this time of year. Figured she was a goner. Didn't stray far from the house and was alone, couldn't keep up with the others. By spring she was hobbling around a little with a bad limp and a wicked bend in her leg. Lots of bone growth on both sides of the joint. Still didn't think she'd make it. Last year she had a fawn and was running with the crowd again. Kind of bummed when I saw the fawn on the side of the road. This year though she had twins and the limp is almost completely gone. Still has a wicked bend in the leg and there isn't as much muscle on that hip but she did an amazing job of recovering. I've had a lot of knee problems and probably because of that really found myself identifying with the doe. Life finds a way.
  11. That made up for some of the drought for sure. I had over 5" in Enfield by yesterday afternoon Edit: I had a 5 gallon bucket out and there was about 5.7" in it. The sides aren't perfectly straight and I was guessing around 5". Did the math this morning. 7690 ml of water, 28.5 cm across the top of the bucket. 12.07 cm deep or 4.75" not including the first night's rain so all told I'm at around 5.25". Pretty great
  12. See a fisher would be great. I based the name of my website on a bad pun thinking of the animal. Never seen a live one in the wild. Last night just after dark I was out on the deck listening to bucks butting heads out in the field. Pretty cool.
  13. More pics please? View of interior layout would be good. Thanks
  14. The red Offshore clip holds an 8 oz Torpedo weight just fine, I have mine on 12" of Powerpro
  15. Hey that's too bad, it's not looking good for the stream fishing around here either. Going to have to head north, I'll be in touch
  16. You could fish the Finger Lakes instead, lake trout season is open all year here
  17. The bridge is Taughannock State Park, Treman is in Ithaca- Allan H. Treman State Marine Park, it's confusing because of the other Treman with the waterfalls. I haven't been out recently but Taughannock is a good bet this time of year. Edit: corrected spelling of Allan
  18. Over the last five years they have done a surprisingly good job getting rid of the hydrilla in the Cayuga Inlet and south end of the lake. I didn't think they'd be able to get the stuff out in the lake itself but it's sounding very good around Ithaca. However they just found some up by Aurora. A survey hasn't been done yet so they don't know how bad it is, but it seems to me that it will be a lot harder to eradicate it from up in the middle areas of the lake. Hopefully I'm wrong there, I already was once. Not a good sign though, there is probably more.
  19. Hey welcome. Also call Cayuga home. Can help with the lake trout jigging for sure, if you ever have questions post away in the FL section or PM me. Most of the best laker action now will be in the southern sections of the lake but up near Aurora is great in the spring and summer. There are still fish in the area to be sure but they're starting to focus on spawning grounds, so rocky bottoms are your best bet this time of year. Alec
  20. Hi, welcome, hope we'll see you in the FL section!
  21. Taughannock has a bubbler which mostly keeps it fishable though a real cold spell will still lock it up. You can also fish the top water, it's what I've done in the winter.
  22. Hey cool, looks good. I have to eat gluten free and it's a pain in the butt. What did you use for breadcrumbs? The brand I like went out of business and the others I tried aren't as good.
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