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  1. That is what its all about hunting in its purest form! Nice job Mitch! Not too shabby for you either Chuck. My brother in law shot his first buck today as well. A day that will be never forgotten [ Post made via BlackBerry ]
  2. Nice Eye Jack! Are you up for another goose hunt next saturday? I have spent four days alone with my four kids and will really need to get out and do some hunting this weekend! Give me a buzz if you want to come down and put the dekes in the trailer before we go! [ Post made via BlackBerry ]
  3. Unreal Bud! That will make a nice addition to your trophy room! I wonder how old that fish is? [ Post made via BlackBerry ]
  4. Dre, We have the Subtroll on our Ontario boat and it works fantastic from 120ft and above. We do not have autopilot so no issues. If you are going to fish the FLX where your probe will be mostly 100 ft and above I would go with the cheaper option with the Subtroll or Depth Raider. You can find them used for around $300 and new at around 450. So that will save you a bunch and you get the same results. I plan to get one for my hemlock boat as well. As a side note Chuck has the X4 and loves it. Both are good choices if you ask me. Its all up to if you want the coated cable or not and can live with a little more blow back.. Good Luck! [ Post made via BlackBerry ]
  5. W.W.IV that's funny! I thought of that when I posted it as well. If I remember right I was shooting my slug-gun and 300 win mag. that day and wanted to save some targets. If I really wanted to I could have made that group smaller with some more blue tape No guff, that was for real and the gun shoots like that all the time. Far better than I can. I agree the DEC didn't see the smokeless mls coming either. However I do not see them changing things. In fact, I think they are getting even more liberal with the new rifle laws passing and the new crossbow law. I look at it this way, the best way I can kill a deer quickly and cleanly the better. I do miss hunting with my Dads TC rengade with 2F BP and 385gn Hornady great plains bullets. The smoke after the boom and the smell are implanted from when I was a kid! Good luck to you as well! Stay warm out there!
  6. That Savage is an incredible gun! I am addicted to smokeless muzzy's. If you have the cash I would highly reccomend the New Ultra Light Arms Muzzy made by Melvin Forbes in WV. I no longer use a slug gun and went to only a muzzleloader. I get incredible groups with this gun (see attached) I easily get MOA accuracy out to 200 yrds. Honestly this is normal accuracy with this gun. Laker Taker was with me one day when I shot a sub MOA group at 150 yrds off the bench and I am no Audie Murphy. In fact it's the most accurate gun I own. The load I am using is 44 grs of SR 4759 and a 275 gr Parker Ballistic extreme. This load was chronographed right at 2375fps at the muzzle. Killed a doe this year at 190yrds (ranged). It's a great gun to carry, with the scope its right at 7lbs. The nicest part is the cleaning, is just like a rifle. It's costly but I always wanted a custom smokeless muzzy. It's something I can hand down to my kids someday...... at least thats what I told my wife. She didn't buy it though. Dan
  7. Unreal fish of a lifetime for that lake! Nice Job Guys! Jitterbugs do work.
  8. Beginers luck! stinkers and flatfish eh. Should went fishin!!!!
  9. Well Done Steve. Gotta set up the new boat so I can get in the fray! I can just see Chuck now reaching in the tackle box with the wire cutters. Hope we pound the turkeys on Saturday!
  10. Wow this is a big king! http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,446686,00.html
  11. Nice Fish Tom! Wish I could get out this weekend. I am Mr. Mom with the kids this weekend. My wife is headed out to Wisconsin for a funeral. Drop me a PM I would like to talk to you about storing the boat with Bob the builder. Take care, Dan
  12. Hi Guys, I was wondering if you could reccomend a good charter for pike in the St Lawrence. My father-in-law wants to do a day trip and would like someone that is good to put him on some pike. He is looking more for numbers rather than size. If you know some better charters for pike in different areas that allows a day trip from north of the Rome/Utica area please feel free to post those as well Thanks!
  13. Nice Job Andy, Guy and the rest of the Candy team. I had a feeling after talking with Andy at about 10:30am on Saturday when he was already boxed out, having a cocktail and smoking a stogie that it was looking pretty good! Where did Candy place for the Cup?
  14. Guy , Looks like we are not fishing Welland with Andy this year! Hope to see you out there! Take care, Dan
  15. Hi Dave, Thanks! What size Gammy's do you use? Also do you use the extra strong version? I thought I remember that Skeinmachine also had posted that he changes up all his stock hooks for VMC's but I can not find the post to check what type and size hook this was. I am looking for a stronger hook that won't change the action of the lure. Take care,
  16. Hey Guys, Starting to get the itch! What hook do you use for replacement of stock hooks on your sticks. The stock hooks have proved not to be strong enough for me in the past. Thanks!
  17. We have the DS600X and you can mannual zoom to see the upper 150ft. This is a great unit! I as well run it dual frequency when fishing and auto in search mode. You can not go wrong with this. ssfran has the DS400X an is very happy with it for finger lakes useage.
  18. AWESOME! Like I said in my email that deer would gross as a booner if it had G4's. I looked back at my last post and I should have wrote net . Didn't mean to cheat ya! Also sorry I haven't called I have been traveling a ton. I will give you a call next week. You should get together with Steve and I for our annual muzzleloader hunt. It's always fun! :shock: BTW check where that deer ranks for a gross score 8 in NYS. I bet you might be in the top ten or very close. Talk to you soon.
  19. Hi Chuck, Sorry it took me so long to reply I was in Pa deer hunting. I would love to connect and learn a thing or two from you and Steve about fishing Canadice and Hemlock. I am getting a small 14 footer next year and should be out there with you guys a time or two. I'll trade you for some trips on the big lake with Steve and I. Let us know when you get the buck back I would love to see the mount. Man I hope he goes 165! Like I said that is one hell of a deer. You sure you didn't shoot that in Iowa??? Just kidding! Take care and talk to you soon.
  20. Gaint buck Chuck! I'm guessing 145 gross based on the brows and mass. They sure were hot on monday weren't they. I saw 6 different bucks. Finally had a shot at a shooter at 11:00am when I was dressing my doe. :roll: LOL Craig Thurston in Wayland did a great job on my bow kill last year! Congrats that's a once in a lifetime deer!
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