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  1. [emoji31] Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. Have not read the new book, but if I look at my log book the best sunny day rod is that 600 cooper. After the wires quit, and when the fish are near 80- 100' my 400 sits there and washes lures all day. Dead as a door nail. I'll bring in fish on that 600 the rest of the day. On my probe I run around 2.3 and the 600 hits bottom at 85' with SD and fly. I have seen probes be 3 to 5 tenth different from boat to boat. My advice is not to cut up that 600 copper. Put that junk lure you got that seems to land fish for everyone but you and run it out there till it hit bottom at your boat speed, then you will know. If you run the 600 long enough it tends to shorten it self if you know what I mean. Then off to the store for some more.
  3. The finger lakes trollers are having there annual Fishing Tackle and Outdoor Show on March 29 at the Watkins Glen Community Center. The show runs from 9am till 2pm
  4. mahone82 I have gone out of Sodus for a month and every weekend I have tryied for the browns in a shallow water and nothing but a few lost fish some, lost tackle and long boat rides. :evil: Oh there was a small month last weekend. :evil: Are shallowes fish last weekend was in 135 on a 200' of copper. 160-200' was good. 10 bows from 5-9 pounds and a coho. Your set up sound good but when there is no fish there is no fish. That fish in 135 foot of water was a 2-3 brown, Go figure.
  5. I agree, run the doulocks. The best quality you can find. I also remove the split rings in front of the spoons. Just one less thing to brake, and if you have not had a fish brake a split ring you are over due.
  6. Hope you did not hurt your self patting your back. Nice fish
  7. They did not even tell me what the fish came on. Thats friends for ya but they did have a brown trout around 4-5 pounds, maybe doing the same thing? I am just hoping that I do not have to hear about this fish all summer long
  8. Congratulations to Brain, Wildman, and Dave (not shown in picture) on winning the fishing tournament out of Sodus Point last weekend. The three guys where fishing on the Co-signer Boat saturday 4/19 when they landed this monters 27 pound 34inch monster.
  9. I should have a camera picture of that 27 pound laker later today. The phone picture is not that good. fish stix what happend to your eight pound brown My Bow was over eight pounds. I would also like to hear the story about a captain that talked you throw a king this weekend.
  10. 1987 Carver 26' + Trailer. Full Galley, Head Low hours. New canvas, new batteries, new eagle fishfinder/GPS and a rebuilt alternator. 350ci engine $12,500 takes it away. 607-589-6922 or 607-342-4246
  11. times two, I have two of those hand held walkie talkies sets you can buy at bass pro, not sure of the make or model. I use them for hunting with several other guys in my hunting area. They have a long range 10-12 miles on flat unobstructed areas. They say 24 mile but :roll: Cheap to try. I got mine at staples two years ago, two radio's, charger and rechargeable batteries + or - $80.00.
  12. waterlogged We run 75' of floro with 12 pound test for the browns. May go to 20 pound if we run the lead of the kings.
  13. seeforellen, It maybe the release you use on your church board. If you pinch down hard on the lead it damages the lead under the sheathing. Over time it will frey through the outer layer of the lead core and break off.
  14. Good Time's Sprot fishing, It snowed at my house :evil: But up to the boat I go. I have to start mounting all the new stuff on her.
  15. Would everyone stop talking about how soon " IT " will be here! I have heard, and read, and seen enough about " IT " I about to lose my mind. I am just going into the other room and try to fiqure out how many colors of lead to let out to get down to that big fish in the fish tank before the wife gets home.
  16. Fishing Tackle Flea Market Sunday March 29th 9am to 2pm Clute Park Watklins Glen NY New and used Fishing and outdoor Merchandise Admission $2.00 Clidren under 12 free Food and Beverages available Sponsored by Senca Marine and Finger Lakes Trollers Association
  17. I love my cannon unit. I have learned to adjust spread patterns to the light intenesity. When you got stuff down 100' and the light intenesity is over 80% that glow stuff is just to much.
  18. Billy V, On the old boat I had the Lowrance 8.5" screen with GPS and Radar. I did have several problems with the unit. It would not power up or it would turn on and off. After several new cables it did seen to work at the end of the year. I got a 94 pursuit 3100 express that already had a Garmin 3010 on the boat with radar. Night and day difference. I added the G2 Ontario chip, was by far the best I have ever seen. Not only is the radar like what Fishstix said but the chip has every port of entry on the lake. These are not just depth and markers, but the chip has multiple over head pictures of the shoot's, marina's, gas, bar and outhouse on the lake It had 3 over head pictures of Hughes marine, were I think I could see fishstix in the weeds with a large ape like creature :shock:
  19. I was running flasher fly set ups in April for browns. They may not be a 8" spin doc and hammer but a flasher and fly. When I say set up's, I look at more than if the fish came on the rigger, or a wire, or copper. The set up on some days may be the whole side of the boat. What a few guys said earlier it is not if one rod is hot I look at what side is hot. Both sides of my boat are set up are vary different. I may have as many as two rods just to complement the one rod. That set up rod may have a fly or a spoon but alot has to do with the weather. I agree completely with Larry. Just because the "The Dog" was hot yesterday it may not be the next. If it's 4+ foots my set up rod would have a spoon on it and have flasher near it. I know that if that same spoon is run in clean water it just sits there. The flasher is catching the fish, it's just not on the same rod.
  20. motocross, The best way to stop having problems with them is throw them over board. I have two rod reel combo's I would not sell to fishstix they are so bad. First the Eye's fall out. Then to really get your heart working, they some times as you reel in a fish, the drag tighten up all by itself :evil: :evil: :evil: . I have heard guys say they love them but the two I got are f----n junk. Old a year old if anyone whats them.
  21. Stix, I hope you can look at my new boat should be in the water tomorrow. The boat has a garmin 3010c with radar, but no sounder. More than welcome to check out the sreen. It has the 10" color and in did buy the older blue chart 2 chip for the big lake. No Promises
  22. Ray, An old topic but I’ll put in my two cents. I try to match the lure and or flasher to the dipsy. I not sure if that works better than the clear or black. I have tried both of them and did not seem to be any better. After seeing all the different answers no sure what colors to recommend. All clear is the most economic way to go with alot less to have on board.
  23. I will agree with yankee troller. was out deep in front of sodus on sunday. 2-3 year old silver kings were fun. Set up for the bow's. I would rather have 10+ bow's than 20+dark died kings in the shallow's. All three bow's were out of the water 3-6 feet. Set up at 8 am went 5-9 and in by noon.
  24. Was a great few days up in the bay. For the second week in a row the crew put a real nice king on the board. Thurs. was good meet some new friends and fished with them landed 11 fish best was near 25. Hope to go with the boys next week. Friday took a good friend out that has never hooked up a nice king on the big O. The wire set at 80' smoked out to 535 before he stopped but just a 8 pound bow. Turn the boat to the boarder and after a few small fish the long line fired. After a long fight a 27+ king . Hope that was worth the wait Second Chance. Went 5 for 7. Best fish was on a stinger. Saturday everything fired. We went 9 for 15 with some bow's doing multiple 3' high flips right near the boat off the sliders. The whole crew could not do anything but just watch the show. You have to love the bow's doing their thing. Best fish around 22 on flasher fly. Sunday 6+ foot waves in the morning so headed home. :evil:
  25. Yankee Troller, Yes that has been good. Run that all last season as well, real good. I do have a new hot runner but I am not telling. That Fishstix has a big mouth. I'm going to find some matches.
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