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  1. I heard today that Reel Dreams was up for sale. For those of you that don't remember I bought the boat from Mar. The only reason we sold the boat was that because of work commitments it was not getting used. She looks great, I like what you have done. If she comes back to Ontario show the new owner the rigger layout we ran. Who ever buys this boat will not be let down, she catches fish! Its only been the last two years the boat has not been docked in either Mexico bay or Oswego. Boat handles well with kicker motor and uses very little gas. My son wants me to buy it back but its a lot easier fishing with Tall Tails and our friends on the red dock. Good luck and enjoy. [ Post made via Android ]
  2. Thanks Bryan, I think he might like to get back on the boat. He took it quit hard when we watched you heading west with the boat. He likes fishing with all the guys but its not quit the same when its not your own boat. He really liked it when I let him run the back of the boat and it was fun for me too, to see what he had learned and the different idea's that he would try.
  3. Guys, Most of the stuff was sold by guys calling me before I read any of your emails or PM's. I believe I have answered all emails and pm's. The only thing left are the 27's. If someone wants them for $25 each plus shipping they are yours.
  4. Sorry Bryan the rod holders are sold, wish I knew you wanted them. We fished the boat the way you saw it set up. We had a rod holder each side of the center rigger but it seemed like they were always in the way when netting fish. Thats why we went to the boom rod holders last year.
  5. The boat sold so its time to liquidate a few things. 2 new Accudepth Plus 57LC's, $50 each......................SOLD, WAITING PAYMENTS 2 used Accudepth Plus 57LC's with wire, $50 each........SOLD, WAITING PAYMENT 1 new Accudepth Plus 47LC's, $45..............................SOLD, WAITING PAYMENT 1 used Accudepth Plus 47LC's with power pro, $40.......SOLD, WAITING PAYMENT 2 used Accudepth 27LC's, $30 each. 4 used adjustable Traxstech rod holders, $50 each......SOLD, WAITING PAYMENT Shipping: reels $7.50, rod holders $10. Please call if you have any questions. Price's are firm. With my work schedule I will only have time to ship on saturday. 607-341-2667.
  6. SOLD! She is off to a new home and staying in the LOU family. Headed down route 90 to Ohio today.
  7. Here the deal guys, I do not want to bring her home. I am going to list her on other sites this weekend. Wanted to give LOU guys first chance at her. New Price: $23,500 Will listen to any serious offer. 607-341-2667
  8. Hey Bill, Gray your not to far off. Both my kids are on traveling sport teams from early spring until well into deer season. We had two weekends in August to fish this summer. Tyler had baseball games and then football practice started. Jessie had softball and field hockey. And Gray you are right, the money I'm spending on the boat I do not use would be better used on my hunting trips and associated toys. PA, Illinois and Ohio this year. Hopefully Kansas next year. I've made enough friends and know enough good charter guy's that I'm sure I will have no problem getting on a boat. She is a great fishing platform. She needs someone that will have more time to use her.
  9. 1993 BAHA 251 Fisherman Professionally Maintained-Very Clean 350 Volvo Penta Volvo Transmission had total rebuild in 2008 Full track system-16ft of tracking around the gunnel 3 Scotty down riggers+ Traxstech swivel bases 8 Traxstech 8 position rod holders Raytheon 660 Fish finder with thru hull transducer 8 pole rocket launcher 2 Big Jon planer reels-with custom pulley system 2 vertical mounted 360 deg rotational Cisco Pole holders-Best copper rod holders available Hydraulic Steering-also connected to the kicker motor Auto pilot Porti-John-in the cabin Mahogany tackle box Marine radio Macerator pump connected to the Fish Box Raw Water Washdown system New in 2009 Yamaha 9.9 High Thrust kicker motor, plus throttle controls Garmin 520 GPS-Fully map fuctional Fish Hawk X4 fish hawk plus probe Seat backs reupholstered New in 2010 Rear deck cover canvas 2 new deep cell batteries 1993 ShoreLand’r trailer 1839 hours Oil changed every 50 hrs This boat is a Great Fishing Platform. Boat can be seen Wrights Landing, Red 25 until 10/1/10. $25000.00 Will consider all serious offers. Jim 607-341-2667
  10. Nice pic's Jeff. Good luck with the new boat.
  11. Ouch, that hurt Brian. We are not going to spend the whole year partying, we do plan on doing a little fishing! It is official guy's, we have moved to Wrights. We are @ Red 25.
  12. Good luck Tony and thanks for sponsoring the Pro-Ams.
  13. Don't feel bad Rod, from what I have heard you are not the only one that had a rough weekend. Kinda glad I skipped this one. Spent the weekend working on the boat. See you in Oswego. Jim You fishing the Mustad?
  14. I just got off the phone with Tony's dad, everyone is doing fine. I Spoke to Tony saturday afternoon and he said he did not hit anything on the way out and that he did not know how the water was getting in the boat and that it all happenen very fast. We were about a mile west of Tony at the time and things did happen very fast. From the time it came across the radio that a boat was taking on water to the time she went under it seemed like less than five minutes. Yes cbish he is the same Anthony LaRock. You are right, in this case someone was looking out for this good person and his six guests. Jim
  15. Welcome home and thank you and all the troops for what you guys do for us . I understand what you are saying about your wife, I came home from the Scotty last night and mine had purchased a new comforter and all new dishes!
  16. Nice pic's Billy and great job on your 4th place finish.
  17. Nice pictures Bob. It was good to see you again. It was also nice to put some faces with some LOU members, Mike and Nick it was nice to meet you.
  18. We will be there. Brian is there now, I will be up on Thursday. Team Tall Tails Boat name Normalyn Staying in Olcott Good luck everyone, Jim
  19. Got out Sunday for our first full day on the new boat. Was joined by Reel Laxing and our boys. Left the dock at 5:15 and had our first fish in the boat by 6. Was joined in the afternoon by our wives and my 6 year old daughter. Over all it was a good day, we finished 13 4 19 with 2 small steelhead, a 10 pound laker, a 6 pound small mouth and the rest small browns. The boats heading to Olcott on thursday and will be bouncing between ports out west for the next 5 or 6 weeks. Will let you know how we make out. Jim
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