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  1. Dear Hank, The tubing is 3/8 od and is made by Imperial eastman 66NSR 2500 PSI rating Chamberlin Rubber Co. Rochester. You may have a problem with minimum buys/pricing Fittings are avaiable also....same problem, minimum buys.Hope this helps you a little bit......borderline 350
  2. Dear Def 1, Call Brett @ 315-986-4451 in Macedon, NY ....North Star Electric.....Major Rebuider of Generators such as yours. Give him the model number & ID so he can give you an idea on what the cost would be to rebuild. Very honest & straight forward. Sincerely, Jet Boat Bill
  3. The gentlemen's name is Tom Toal in Ontario, NY. He is the man to do Q-Jets and any other Rochester Carbs. His Work is flawless. Sincerely,.....X-Jet Boat Bill
  4. DEar CHAS2018, .....The plastic tubing is made by Imperial/Eastman ....66-NSR-3/8...... This is special stuff. The fittings are in their catalog also....for type 66 NSR PLASTIC TUBING!!! The only place you wii be able to order this stuff is thru a large HYD. Service shop that can buy Imperial/Eastman components. Buying the plastic tubing & fittings from Teleflex is your last very expensive resort. Remember also that these fittings are UNIQUE and intended for steering systems. Your automotive compression fittings are the wrong design and ARE NOT APPROVED FOR MARINE STEERING APPS!! Liability problems!!!! Respectfully submitted.....X-Jet Boat Bill;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Just found out that 3/8 ID 1000 PSI approved hose is available on E-Bay.....$2.00 a foot... Something new to me!
  5. Dear SNB, FIRST, ARE you going to use the boat for pleasure or commercial (I.E.) Charter use in USA. If pleasure use, no taxes at the point of entry. Declare your purchase as personal use under NAFTA agreement. Be sure and get a receipt showing what you paid for it or bill of sale from a dealer. POE import officer will give you a receipt showing when you passed thru customs. You have approx. 30 days to pay NYS sales tax. Take all of the info to local DMV, pay sales tax, and get it registered. SAVE THE SALES TAX RECEIPT!! This is a short version.....DO NOT BUY A TRAILER IN CANADA unless it can pass DOT V-5 regulation and has the proper V-5 cert. on the trailer tag. This is most IMPORTANT. USA customs will seize the trailer @ POE if the traler does not meet USA DOT V-5 reg,s.........Sincerely, X-Jet Boat Bill (my boat was from a Canadian mfg. in Ontario.)
  6. Dear Regulator, My best guess agrees with Hank of L & M.....exhaust shutters just below the L & R exhaust manifold bellows....Sincerely, X-Jet Boat Bill
  7. Dear King Salmon. Well Said & Done!................X-Jet Boat Bill
  8. Dear Big Mac. A Melling marine camshaft #CCS-37 costs about 135 USD from Summit.gaskets another 150. Lifters 100 to 150. Timing chain and gears 40.00. It usually costs about 600...labor to remove and replace the engine unit. If your Step-Dad is on good terms with you, talk him into it. Now an 96 OEM Mercruiser is not the same as a 1996 Car or truck. So save the parts coming out for correct ID WILL NOT BE A HYD ROLLER CAMSHAFT or it MAY BE!! in 1996. TRy contacting KARBELT SPEED & CUSTOM and talk to someone in their shop who is familiar with 1996 Marine Small blocks. Use blue FELPRO head gasgets...about 20 each. This is a somewhat complicated project. This is a standard rotation engine for your I/O application. That is RH as facing the water pump. Good Luck......X-JET BOAT BILL
  9. Dear BigMac, The camshaft may or most likely WILL NOT clear the first bulkhead and fuel tank. Using a Corvette or passenger car camshaft will reduce performance/power in your boat. A Melling cam...MARINE replacement is your best choice. Be sure and use new hydraulic lifters. I would pull the engine and do a valve job/guide repair minimum. I would stay away from "Crate motors." GM uses their Mexico engine production for all before approx. 2000 year. The Canada "rebuilt" stuff is reproccessed used parts done by who knows who and have 30 day WARRANTIES!! Go slowly here. USE AN EXPERIENCED engine rebuilder with Quality name parts. ......WE have entered 3rd world rebuilding stuff quality....not good for boat engines. Sincerely, X-Jet Boat Bill in Lewes , Delaware
  10. Dear BigMac, Yes the starter removal on a 96 5.7 Mercruiser V-8 in a 8 ft. beam boat can be a nightmare because of the boat mfg's stringer design/location.....But your bigger problem, " back firing under load" should have been evaluated FIRST. What was the compression PSI in each cylinder? It should be approx. 150 and even across the cylinders. If you paid for the comp. check, what were the values in each cylinder?? If you have a noisy valve train, I would suspect one or more lobes on the camshaft have failed. Just examing the spark plugs closely...when removed can tell an educated mechanic what is going on internally. This damage cost should be closely examined as internal engine failures are costly. Your repair person is chasing a ghost & can be expensive for you. Contact Hank @ L&M/Port Bay or Pugsleys in Ontario, New York also. ..............................Sincerely, X-Jet Boat Bill in Lewes, Delaware.
  11. Dear SS, Look for "boat seat base" or "livewell box" Look around local marina,s for salvage boats etc. Not easy to find at the moment. Try google too! Sincerely X-Jet Boat Bill in Delaware
  12. To all that our intersted in boat rigging/equipment installation. Capt. Vince is going to give you valuable, straight up info. He has hundreds hours into rebuilding and installing stuff. He also uses his stuff to literally catch tons of fish. This is a great chance to learn how to do it right and improve your set-up. .......Respectfully Submitted....Ex-Jet Boat Bill in Lewes, De.
  13. Dear RR, Several days of East & NE winds on Lake Ontario before today have really moved the water around. I never had success on the south shore of Lake Ontario after East & NE winds, BUT the north shore (Canada)produced some great catchin!! during an east wind!!! X-Jet boat Bill in Delaware....
  14. Dear Baha fans:Their are multiple BAHA'S.....!!!!!!! "Baha Marine"in Ohio which had a fire etc and manufactures performance boats and "Baha Cruiser" In Florida who built the fishing style boats back in the 1980-mid 90 time frame. THEY WENT OUT OF BUSINESS (The Florida Baha!!). And they have all changed ownership/or closed up shop and reinvented themselves........Respectfully submitted......X-Jet Boat Bill
  15. Dear S.T. Very difficult to find any trim pieces or hull adornments even used ones, new ones are next to impossible. The company is gone. Try Google & E-Bay search engines. using "86 Baha" and plan on spending some time. Tried last year for 91 Baha parts.After a long time (4 months) I finally located a guy on Long Island that had bought all the Baha hull vents.(when the company closed) Bought a set and then had to paint them too! You better have a lot of patience in your search. Good Luck!!...............................X-Jet Boat Bill
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