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  1. Hank, It does help. It helps alot. That's what great about this website, the people. Thanks again-- Rusty
  2. Hank, Thanks for the info. My main question is regarding the placement of the compass unit. The instructions state that if the boat is metal, it must be mounted on a pole 3'-7' above the deck. The boat I'm putting it on is aluminum, which is metal. Does that mean I need to mount it on a pole ? Also from scanning the instructions, I think I'm gonna have to put in a different steering cable. I hope that i$ not a$ much of a job a$ I think it$ gonna be. Thanks again hank- Rusty
  3. Howdy All, I bought the auto pilot I've been wanting for quite a while. The salesman I talked to on the phone said "It's easy to install". Looking at the directions, I discovered that he was in fact a true salesman. Doesn't look easy to me at all. Do any of you folks know someone who has installed one before, and could install this one in my 196 Starcraft Fishmaster ? Thanks for the help Rusty
  4. hOWDY ALL, Am I missing it somewhere, or are there no reports of day ! of the Niagra pro am ? I'm dieing here 'cause I couldn't make it this year, and I really want to know how things are going., especially after last weekend. Any clues ? Thanks - Rusty
  5. Howdy all, I'm gonna throw down for the AP14R for my 196 Starcraft Fishmaster. I intend to use it for trolling. Is this a wise decision, and is there anyone around who can do the install ? Thanks- Rusty
  6. Howdy All, In a recent issue of Great Lakes Angler, I saw a little article/ad for cowbells that attach to the downrigger cable above the ball. Now I cant find the magazine, and I'm too cheap to buy another copy. Anyone read the same issue that could perhaps forward the info on how to contact the company that sells these items that I can't live without ? Thanks in advance for the help Rusty
  7. Howdy all, A buddy of mine who has become addicted to this silly passtime we call fishing has arrived at the level where he thinks he needs a boat. He's looking for a 16'ish open aluminum boat with a tiller steer outboard on a trailer. His level of addiction ? He caught a 300+ lb Goilath Grouper in Key West in '06. The 6 foot fiberglass replica arrived in his driveway last week. Where the heck do you hang that ? Thanks for the help Rusty
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