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  1. J, Don't get your hopes up for a rainbow. I think the best way to catch a 'bow on Owasco is to catch a walleye, and hope there is a 'bow inside the 'eye. I trolled/jigged Owasco one day last week and didn't do very well. I read that SirBean jigged Owasco recently, and is planning his next trip to Cayuga in hopes of finding fish. Owasco really turns on in about a month. good luck- Rusty
  2. Rusty will take one. Will you consider a trade for bourbon ? I'll call Cpt. Prozac Rusty
  3. P, I have a 2002 ? 9.9 Merc 2 stroke electric start with cables and a forward shift lever/throttle. ( not a tiller throttle) $800 Rusty
  4. Howdy all, I found the spread sheet with the results. Too bad the Lake Ontario Pro Am site doesnt post the results. It would have saved alot of searching. http://olcottfishing.com/ Rusty
  5. Anybody know where the results are posted ? Thanks- Rusty
  6. Duh, For some reason I thought it was a Fri-Sat tournie. Go Burke, Bliss , A-Tom-ik et. al. Thanks- Rusty
  7. Howdy All, Any one know the results or where they are posted ? The data on the Pro Am website looks like it is all from '07 Thanks- Rusty
  8. Go to Seneca, Cayuga or Oswego. Owasco has been terribly slow. Rusty
  9. Howdy all, Sunday was too nice of a day to not be on the boat. I couldn't drag my self out of bed early enough to do the Skaneateles thing, so I headed to Owasco in the afternoon. Set up in about 100', and trolled to 140'. No marks. Surface was 37*. I even tried Ray K's 'green anything rule'. I would have tried jigging for lakers, but I forgot to bring the jigs. I do have the new Minn Kota poartially installed though. On the way in I stopped at Martin's point. Saw lots of perch. I think it may be time to dunk some minnows. Rusty
  10. tcooll, I know the white jig thing was working at the end of last season. I dunno about the spring. The trick is to use a heavy enough jig head 3/4 to 1 oz and keep the boat stationary. Good luck Rusty
  11. Howdy all, Sounds as if I need to give the green Spin Dr's a try on Owasco. I'm curious though, Ray said in another post that he often does not mark fish. If that's the case, are you fishing a temp. ? or right on the bottom, or just winging it ? Thanks- Rusty
  12. Ray, I have one of these 20 hp models (on the left w/o transom adapter) I'd trade for a day of fishing. http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/templ ... id=0000921 Rusty
  13. Ray, I still have the '02? Merc 9.9 with forward controlls and electric start. I also have that hinged mounting bracket thing. $800 should do it. Rusty
  14. See what happens when you let the little ones go ? NIce job, dont' lwer your standards next year. Take a doe, you cant eat the horns ! Rusty
  15. Way to go, how many little guys did you let go unitl you 'pulled the trigger ? Rusty
  16. Beautiful ! NY hunters would see plenty of those if the DEC managed for quality not quantity. It would be great for the economy, but until then- spikes beware ! Rusty
  17. I was out mon. am, and the fleas were a big pain. surface was upper 60's. The lakers were abig pain too. Kept pulling the line out of the releases. Rusty
  18. The lake trout fising there is usually pretty good. I've had good luck trolling black/silver spoons and stick baits at depths where I mark the fish. Good Luck- Rusty
  19. I heard the Starcraft dealer in Cortland , Foest Fisheries ? has a used 22' Islander for about 13K. Supposed to be in very good condition. Good Luck
  20. Howdy all, GFO and I are considering a trip to the Big O for some bass fishing. My experience has been either red hot or ice cold with the bronzebacks on the Lake. Anyone been targeting these fighters that can help us decide weather or not to make the trip. ? Thanks- Rusty
  21. Any info yet on day 1 ? Rusty
  22. Ray, I have a 2002 Merc. 9.9 2 stroke electric start with forward controls that I would let go for 1K Rusty
  23. Tom B, Thanks for the vote. After a fitful morning I finally found someone who gave me the info I needed. Seems the install instructions give a replacement cable part number that has been discontinued (moorse). I think I have the right cable en-route. Please tell me this adventure is worth the trouble, and that the AP will do the steering while I reel in fish, and change lures, etc ! Thanks again, and I hope U stop getting zapped. Rusty
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