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  1. A number of years ago I caught a 50 inch musky on a sucker/quick strike rig while on vacation in Wisconsin. When I got home to NY I got all set for quick strike fishing on the St. Lawrence...only problem, no suckers. I even went to a bait shop on the Mohawk res past Massena. There isn't enough demand for them. All live bait has to be disease free, the only option is to catch your own. I gave up on it and went back to trolling.
  2. It's a shame no one I know of sells large suckers in NY state. I caught a 50 incher in Wisconsin in 2008 on a quick strike rig. When I got home I got all the tools together for live bait fishing, all for nought. The 1000 islands bait store had a few but they were only 6 inches long. The only thing you can do is catch your own bait and even then you have to comply with regulations regarding the VHS disease. Bob
  3. I've had plenty of action on Otisco by going full blown Wisconsin style, casting bucktails like Mepps and Blue Fox over weed beds. I have caught them trolling, but casting is more productive and exciting watching the follows. Bob
  4. I've had my best luck on Otisco in August going full blown Wisconsin style. That is casting bucktails in the weeds toward the north end. I don't think the Tigers care about the thermocline. Try some Mepps or Vibrax bucktails. Bob
  5. Tiger muskies also end up in Onondaga Lake from Nine Mile Creek. Stocked fish from Otisco Lake make it over the spillway into Nine Mile and eventually work their way into Onondaga Lake. They do travel. Bob
  6. Chaumont Bay isn't far from where you're at. It can produce some good walleye action this time of year. Regards Bob
  7. Here's the article on the Musky Hunter website: http://www.muskyhunter.com/forum/dcboar ... 7014&page=
  8. I have a number of Creek Chub Pikie minnows that I still use for musky trolling. My favorite is the 6800 series jointed striper model. This one was called the "chubby pikie" by Art Lawton. Years ago the fishermen around Clayton and Cape Vincent would troll them with lead-core or wire line. The double jointed model (three body sections) was, and is still used by the guides out of Clayton. The trick to using pikies is to get a nice "S" type swimming action out of them. I've had to experiment with different size hooks to get them balanced correctly. Good luck with your project and see if you can post some pics. Regards Bob
  9. Nitro, I've never fished Otisco this late in the season. Obviously, I guess I should. I've done quite well on Tigers during August and September up to 40 inches (all released). Going full blown Wisconsin style casting bucktails has worked the best for me. I too fish the north end weed edges. Thanks for the information. Bob
  10. Is anyone getting any pike activity on Seneca? I know this is a good time of year to tie into some really nice ones. Thanks in advance for any info. Regards Bob
  11. After catching a nice 50 inch musky in Wisconsin last year on a quick strike rig and a 12 inch sucker, I came back to NY all gung -ho on live bait fishing. I bought a large aerated minnow bucket, made my own quick strike rigs and had every thing ready except one thing - the bait. I fish the St Lawrence and called every bait shop from Syracuse to the Mohawk reservation north of Massena. Forget it...no body carries large suckers, the 1000 Islands bait shop had some but they were nothing more than six inchers that you would use for pike. Most places told me there's no market for them here and with the new laws to comply with VHS regulations it makes it even more cost prohibitive. Catching your own bait is the only solution, even then you could get in trouble if you have no proof where you got them. Regards Bob
  12. NitroMusky, I suppose you're right. This is a pretty small market when it come to musky anglers. One plus for Gander Mountain is their Guide Series rods. For the money I think they are a quality item. Regards Bob
  13. I've been to a number of Gander Mountain stores in Wisconsin and they are much better than the one in Cicero. The loud music literally blasts me out of the store. Very limited selection of musky lures. Someone needs to tell them this is trolling country for muskies. Regards Bob
  14. Everyone has their personal preferences when it comes to muskie rod and reel combos. I would recommend a Gander Mountain IM8 muskie rod in 7'6" length medium heavy action. Team it up with a good baitcasting reel such as the Ambassadeur 6500C3, Shimano Corvalus, or the Gander Mountain Guide Series reels and you'd be good to go. Line choice would be 50 to 80 pound test TUF-Line XP, Power Pro or Cortland Spectron. Of course you can spend a lot more money on equipment, but this set up would suit any muskie fishing situation from casting bucktails to trolling cranbaits. I've never fished the Susquehanna, but have a friend who has done quite well fishing a stretch in Pa. for muskies. I would like to give it a try. Regards Bob
  15. Check out Capt. Rich Clarke's web site to see some of the monsters he or his clients have landed over the years. He is one of the top producers of giant muskies every year anywhere. Sign Man Charters: http://www.1000islandsfishing.com/muskie.htm
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