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  1. They are not old Les, bought them last year new. They are for kite fishing actually, so they are color coded white, grey and black. Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Here's how I use the blacks releases Dennis. I cropped the photo to give you a close up. I have 8 on each side of the boat. They are the best IMO because it's just so easy to adjust the tension running different lengths of copper, core, etc. Love them !! I use 250 lb Power Pro and blacks outrigger releases. You can get cheaper releases similar to blacks on Ebay also that have a metal bar with loops at each end. They work too, you just bend the ends sideways.
  3. I don't really mind personally but then again I don't regularly fish the LOC. I do agree that registrations will be down, but the added revenue will offset that unless registration drops by 50%. Dave is betting that it won't drop that much. I guess we'll know next year based on the 2016 prices. Actually, the more ticket prices would go up, the more likely I would be to fish it a little more seriously. The lessor the entries, the better the odds and the more seriously I'd take it. I haven't fished the fall LOC in several years, nor did I bother entering the summer but I'm actually fishing it this fall. I think all you guys should keep your money and not enter. Ticket prices are ridiculous and it's not worth it
  4. Lots of good info here. Nothing to really add except that for the releases when running off my otter boats. I run blacks (same as on downriggers) and they are the best release I've ever used for coppers.
  5. Amazing fish with an amazingly inspirational story to go with it. Thanks for sharing both
  6. WOW....nice !! Oh, they did Paul. I looked at it pretty close and the only thing she cited was that it had a more squared tail than she's expect from an Atlantic. I wasn't seeing what she saw, but then again there is a reason I refinish furniture and she works for the DEC. Granted it wasn't very forked, but it wasn't square either.
  7. I second what Wayne said, it was truly inspiring. I didn't know that about Sammy, but I will thank him soon. I have not been to an event where more quality merchandise was ever given away. The vets all walked away with a great experience and memories, as well as some terrific product and plenty of fillets. For me, it was my first time at the Salmon Slam and it was a really good time. I ended up having three people aboard that had never fished Lake O, including our vet Bill who was just super cool! Our vet had a BLAST, he said he felt like he was 20 years old again. He wasn't concerned about catching fish, so I ran way west and trolled with a following sea in some pretty snotty conditions and we exchanged stories and had a few laughs more than we caught fish. There weren't many fish west, but we caught 4 smaller fish with a couple kings and a couple browns and it was such a comfortable troll I know it was the right decision, seeing this event is more about the fun than about the winning. In the end we won first place Brown Trout anyway because we were the only boat to catch one . The conditions were definitely not brown trout friendly, with 66 degrees on the bottom in 90 fow and 5-6 foot swells. I was surprised we even pulled a few to be honest. Everyone who organizes, volunteered and donated should be very proud of themselves for what they do for these vets. I was humbled and honored to be a participant.
  8. Leaving Pa tomorrow morning headed for Sodus. Lucky Enuff will be in BFF and we look forward to the dinner Friday night No doubt this will just be a bunch of fun for a great cause. I'm looking to show one vet a very good time ! See you all there
  9. Thanks Rick! I remember your Dad fishing tournaments with you in the Bayliner Good Stuff !! I sent ya a PM Rampage. Next year is already setting up to be one heck of a tourney !!
  10. Just busting your chops Tony. What I do know is I have been 2nd in Sodus twice and first once. Both seconds were to you I enjoy fishing against you buddy, I totally respect your dedication and ability. I'll edge you out next time maybe
  11. We have all had those tournaments.. Well, maybe not Tony but most of us have . Hopefully you guys had fun and we'll see you in the next one. Congrats on the Monster brown !!!! We all would have loved to have that one Good Job !!
  12. That is so awesome, thanks for saying that ! Team Rampage had a great tourney, as did Hells Bells, Blue Eyed Lady, Fishin Physician, Ruff Rider, Five more minutes obviously and Chasin Tail with the 1 k a day win I had a talk with Justin as we motored in about pulling fish out of the box at weigh in. I told him if you think you moved up, start with the small fish first and let them have hope. If you think you got beat, start with the biggest fish and let them sweat I agree 100%, gotta LOVE tourney fishing and he just read your post and LOVED it !!
  13. Oh, it happened all right Thanks ! Stupid **** happens, that's why we're not Pros . What team were you? Honestly, I wish I could have met more of the teams. Maybe next time? We'll be at the salmon slam donating more structure to the lake. Overall it was a blast !!! And that wasn't my only screw up, I showed up to weigh in on Saturday wet for a reason lmao ! A couple people know..... Hey, if it was easy everyone would do it
  14. That was you in the blue boat? I knew you guys saw that happen. Justin was like - hey dad, I hope nobody noticed Had to be pretty funny to watch cause the rigger was all the way over the side when I looked back and he had a hold of the electrical cable yelling for help. He saved that Scotty for me !! Dad screwed up bad on that one.
  15. Stingers and Stingray size are both good and I run a mag off a diver. Lots of good spoons mentioned here. I think the action has more to do with it most times than actual size of the spoon and small spoons can be more erratic.. I find sometimes kings want small spoons when higher in the water column, but is it the size or the action that gets them to react and strike? I agree that the paint on stinger sucks, but they catch fish ! Actually, being a painter myself so to speak I don't think it's the paint as much as it is the blank spoon prep before paint. This past week I had everything peel right off a stinger....paint AND tape all together and that has happened a lot. That is just a lack of prepping the spoon for paint because tape should NOT peel off. But.....they keep catching so I keep buying I will just re paint the blanks myself someday.
  16. I might have fished it had it not been during the Pro Am. Mostly just cause I have friends at the Oak I'd like to see. Maybe next one, ya never know? It would also free some of you to come fish Sodus, You don't know what you're missing
  17. Totally agree with you guys. Each year I think it will be his last. This year he wanted to go to the amusement park with his new girlfriend instead, but he's so happy right now after a fun weekend that he joined me. He's a young man now and has his learners permit and drives me around. My daughter wants nothing to do with the boat and 4 am wake up so life will change as it always does but that's okay. Sodus will be hard to fish without Justin by my side because it's kinda our thing we do together, but for now I will just enjoy it. I get emotional about it but I'm not to big of a man that I can't shed a tear or two. When he can no longer make it I'll probably switch over to Pro to change up the experience but I hope to still get another year or two with just me and him yet. Either way, I look forward to the next experience. This lake is just amazing !!
  18. For the most part, I want to stay out of this conversation but I will say this much..... Tony stopped by my boat as I was rigging on Wed and we talked for a good half hour or more. I complimented him on his remarkable year, etc. Tony is always tough to beat, he's just a great diversified fisherman. I knew then that he was fishing Am and instead of worrying about how could I compete, I personally welcomed the challenge to fish against the best. This year Five More Minutes was the best on the lake, right along with Team Oh Baby (another Am team who just happens to fish Pro). Maybe it's because I don't get all caught up in having to win, I don't know? I was excited to go head to head with Tony and had Five More Minutes not fished Am I doubt I would have fished as hard as I did. No disrespect towards the other great Am teams, but Tony and I go back a little ways competing against one another in the Am. I usually always come up a little short I walked away a better fishermen, there is no question in my mind about that. That is what fishing against the best will do for you. We fish tournaments for the love of the game. To experience a competitive two day event that the whole town and community embraces is an experience that I look forward to and I will forever cherish each and every one. Should an Am team be allowed to fish the Am division after winning in the Pro, that is not for me to say? I do know that I personally welcome the challenge, though Tony does beats me most of the times Building up the participation should be a top priority and IMO we do that by highlighting the positive. I will fish Sodus as long as I am able and I may finish first or I may finish last, but a good time will be had every year no matter where I finish or who I fish against.
  19. It was an expensive weekend ! Probe, sharks, trailer tires, motor repairs, tackle. We don't account for that stuff in our trip budget but I guess we can always make more money and buy new stuff. Those memories though.....it's all worth it I know you guys lost what, two probes on Finders Keepers? You lost one Wolfhound, and how many other teams donated to the lake Ontario structure base ? Thanks guys. I love two day tournaments like this. I wish there were more during the summer months. I don't worry about winning. I just try to be competitive and finish in the money. It doesn't always work out and that's fine too. Most of all, we have fun and enjoy the atmosphere and experience of competitive fishing. For $250, how can you not participate and experience this event ?
  20. Hey Tony, what I wanna know is how come you only have 4 posts in 5 years
  21. Each year I look forward to this tournament with great anticipation. Imo, It's the most enjoyable tournament of the season and there isn't even a close second. The town is in party mode, the atmosphere is electric and the hospitality is unmatched on the south Shore in how the town welcomes us fishermen. The tournament gets better each year and was I think the only tournament to actually GROW this year with participation. Please do yourself a favor and join in on the festivities in 2016. Practice and the 1k a day - I left Pa Monday in hopes of fishing all week because I have had very little time on the water this season. On the way, I had a major tire blowout on the trailer. So I get the tire fixed and Tuesday I begin to fish. That is at least the plan, but I fry a water pump in the first hour on my port motor and the buzzer goes off signaling an overheated engine. I go in on one motor and Arney's works me in the next morning. Wed. is a blow off day so Thursday I finally fish and boy did it feel good to be out there !! I managed a 23.7 king fishing solo but it came in second for the 1k on Thurs. My son Justin joined me Friday. I didn't want to worry about having to get 3 big fish so we didn't enter bff. I just searched around and fished both kings and browns putting a plan together based on what I found. Day 1 I fished the Am division and it was only myself and my now 16yr old son Justin. We do this every year together. It's hard to be competitive with only being able to box 6 silvers but I fish better without teammates well intended suggestions so it's a fair trade. It just takes slightly different strategy. I decided to run 20 miles west and fish browns. I didn't need to go that far, but I was hoping for better size. The plan was to stay in striking distance so we would be in contention for a money spot Sun.. Fishing kings was to risky for day 1 and they are not huge on average this year anyway. I had never fished this area, so it took a couple hours to get things going. Justin got nervous and wanted to go to our brown spots from Friday, but just then we get nailed on the 5 color in 35 fow and we started to put it together. We took only one fish on a rigger, but got 2 on the 5 color and 3 on a diver with a super long lead of about 15 plus feet. I had slide divers, but opted for this instead. A couple boats watched me hand line a couple fish in and must have wondered what the heck I was doing. Lol. We were done with several hours left so we set up out front of Sodus and fished for our laker, at the same time watching the sonar to see if the kings were around. We got our 7 fish limit and stood in 4th after day 1 Day 2 - I ran 20 miles west to the same area, only this time I went for my laker first. I set a rigger on the bottom, a wire on the bottom, a rigger at 48 degrees and a wire in the middle of the water column at 150. Within 5 minutes, the 150 wire pulling a moonshine spoon screams and Justin jumps on it. Awhile later we net a 17 lb king. We then triple on Lakers so one goes in the box and we run in to our brown trout water. The trout fishing started off great. The riggers were producing our fish but size was down so we threw a couple back. Then....Zzzz. SNAP and a rigger goes overboard after hanging the bottom. The base had snapped on the Scotty. Justin grabs the electric cable just in time and we pull it back in and cut the cable quick, loosing my second shark of the week and a fish hawk probe. I only had two riggers cause it's a 6 Rod limit. Now I have one rigger. We regroup and stay at it and decide to keep a couple 5 lb browns. We have room in our box for one fish with 3.5 hours left. I pull lines and run out to 640 fow. We set up for kings or steel, hoping for something big. We quickly hook a good king on a high wire but drop it. We would loose two more before getting our last king, but it was only 9lbs. We head in happy and super proud of my son and the job he did. It was a great bonding trip for us. We had a slightly better box than Sat. and we're able to move into 2nd place. I think only 3 Am teams had 7 fish both days? I will forever cherish these moments with my son. It's a ton of work but the memories will last forever. I can recover in a couple days. Lol. Take your kids fishing....and consider fishing the Sodus Pro Am in 2016. Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  22. I can't believe I did it myself Tony. Lol. I just enjoyed the day and didn't fish very hard. Congrats to you again on not only this week, but on your incredible season. I realized today that I won Sodus once and finished second twice....both times to YOU. Lol Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  23. Ended the day with a nice bruiser off the 200 wire pulling a moonshine spoon and picked up a brown in 55 fow as I trolled into port pulling lines on a 150 diver. Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  24. Wow, I just got smoked on the 35 rigger and tore 20 lb leader like it was nothing. Lost a warrior spoon and my fixed slider. I need Justin here to watch Rods, I'm dropping everything fishing by myself. Lol Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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