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  1. Count Lucky Enuff in Greg. I'll catch up with you around the docks. If not, then at the meeting. I guilted Justin into changing his plans so we can fish both
  2. Great Job Team Cannonball Runner !!! And thanks to all who support and run this event. It truly is a fun tournament to fish.
  3. Unfortunately, it turns out Justin has a graduation party Oswego Pro Am weekend, so I may only be able to fish Sodus.
  4. Lol, we'll get that beer one of these days. I am going to wait for a warmer dry day to open the camper,so it looks like I may not get there until next week. I will leave them at your parents house, and I'll let you know when I do. 3 of the reels are like new, so they should work well for you [emoji4] Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. You got them Melissa, but I don't want any money from a good friend and they are just laying around. I will be in Sodus in a few days. Do you want me to drop them off somewhere? Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. 6 Daiwa Accudepth 47lc Reels I am selling a lot of 6 Daiwa Accudepth 47lc's. I'd like to sell all 6 together if I can. All function well and they are in various conditions with a couple being excellent, a couple fair and a couple worn, but functioning fine. All 6 are in usable condition. First $200 gets them, plus $12 shipping. Paypal preferred.
  7. I'll sell the last 2 together. First $20 gets em with free shipping in USA
  8. Thanks Porkpie & Trapper !! They ship Monday
  9. Lots #4 & #6 SOLD #2 and #5 still available.
  10. As of now, 2,4,5 & 6 are still available. 1&3 sold.
  11. Not sure how much I can help ya Trapper, but if you click on my board name (Fishtails) you'll see message. Send me a message with your email and Jen can send you a Paypal invoice. If that doesn't work, I don't know? That's about the best I can do.
  12. Sale pending on Lots 1 & 3. 2,4,5 & 6 still available.
  13. I'm selling off a few BRAND NEW fly bodies from my collection. Mostly Big Weenie Brand, whom I once pro staffed for. I now Pro Staff for A-Tom-Mik and cannot use these flies. Good chance to get a great deal why they last. These are un-rigged fly bodies only as pictured. Lot #1 SOLD Lot #2 Sold Lot #3 SOLD Lot #4 SOLD Lot #5 Sold Lot #6 SOLD
  14. You sold me Carl, I'm selling my boat !! (Not really) Haha. Seriously though, that's a very well thought out intelligent pitch and you make some really valid points laid out in a way I never actually thought of.
  15. I'd be totally interested if I fish them Greg. I'm not 100% sure on my July schedule yet.
  16. Great info Pap...thanks for sharing your education!
  17. Nice day on the water you two Glad you got into them....much deserved! See ya soon
  18. I personally thought your message read the way you intended Lester. I felt it was an attempt to support WHLS, which is actually needed with all the negativity in this thread. This has been entertaining, if nothing else
  19. Nice report , thanks! Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  20. The lanes do take knowledge of the area and some familiarity with your equipment to fish. It's not an area I would recommend if you are starting out. You can find yourself in a real jam if you come up on the wall with your gear set too deep, and often times boats trolling in the opposite direction can pinch you in if you don't watch yourself. Just be very careful out there !! A lot of that structure on the wall is lead
  21. The last I heard was there were kings around. Five to six days ago there were alot of kings all over the place, but my understanding is that the water is changing and a bit unstable on the east end and mature kings are harder to find at the moment (but they are still being taken daily). Since the water changes daily, and often hourly, the fish move so reports from a couple days ago don't necessarily help. By the time you read it, things have changed. There are a lot of fish in the system this year.....big fish ! As of a few days ago, this is the info I have heard..... Flasher Fly bite is On! The meat bite has been good this season, but FF seems to be taking over now. A-Tom-Miks leading the way. I hear the A-Tom-Mik glow B-fly has been super hot. A-Tom-Mik Pro Am is another that gets mentioned often, and UV 190. Many bites coming in the 70-110 area of the column (but that is changing as we speak!) Spoons that are working, just to name a few are Stinger Alewife patterns, UV Gator, UV Tux and Die Hard. Divers from 150-250. Coppers from 300-500 and riggers from 65-110. Kings were being taken from 120 to out past 300 fow. The impending west wind will change all of that so temps and fish will likely be deeper after the weekend, and then things will once again change daily. So.....the only report that really matters is that the fish are around to be caught !! Kings of all year classes, lots of Steelhead this year and lots of browns....plus lakers. What more could you want ? You just have to be on the water to catch them. Go get em
  22. Correct, and if you catch 3 legal atlantics, that would be an amazing feat all in itself !
  23. Absolutely follow Ruff Rider. 24 ft dark blue bayliner. Five More Minutes is another good one to follow.... Those guys will know where the fish are ! If the lake and weather stay the course we could be enjoying a salmon tournament in Sodus.....finally! It seems like it's been a few years. Nothing against the feisty BT, they have treated me well but It sure would be nice to see some huge king boxes for a change Soon !!!! Always an awesome time!
  24. Very different than Niagara rolmops, but similar in many ways to Sodus except Oswego has a nine fish limit and Sodus has six fish limit for ams. Here are the rules for Oswego pro am. https://www.facebook.com/notes/oswego-pro-am/2016-oswego-pro-am-rules/546344558738618
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